Design your own embedded Linux control centre on a PC

Couverture Design your own embedded Linux control centre on a PC


Design your own embedded Linux control centre on a PC

  • Nombre de pages : 240 pages   drapeau anglais
  • Date de parution : 26/02/2009 
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Today, if you want to electronically control your home, you have a lot of opportunities. But this book is different. It is not about X10, ZigBee, Z-wave or one of the many other leading, or even bleeding edge systems, which can be acquired today. This book is about a do-it-yourself system made out of re-used materials. Why? - well, because you have just got to do something with your old technology gathering dust and you don't want to spend a fortune on equipment.
The main system described in this book reuses an old PC, a wireless mains outlet -with 3 switches and one controller- and a USB web camera. All this is linked together by Linux - as it can be acquired free of charge.

This book brings you ALL the basics about how to set up a Linux environment - including a software development environment -so that it can be used as a control centre. It guides you through the necessary setup and configuration of a web server, which will be the interface to your control centre.

A recommended prerequisite is just some limited exposure to PC software and hardware, including the ability to surf the Internet, burn a CD-ROM and assemble a small PCB.

And of course, Yes! - I kept a handle on your development costs - all custom software for the control centre is both listed in the book and is available as a free download from the Elektor website.


  • Introduction
  • Installing and configuring the PC software
    • Linux Operating System
    • WEB server related software
    • Compiler sw
  • Installing and configuring the control centre
    • WEB interface
    • Parallel port
    • Parallel port driver
    • Attached HW
    • Wake-On-LAN support
    • USB web cam support
    • Additional extensions
  • Operating the control centre
    • Logging in to the "Embedded Linux control centre"
    • Daily operation
    • Daily operations (reduced interface)
    • Troubleshooting
  • Appendix
    • Background and some thoughts
    • First time with DSL
    • Some use full shell commands
    • Configuring the desktop
    • Further configuration of XAMPP
    • Driver c-code
    • Useful Parallel port data in one place
    • HARDWARE interface schematic
    • PCB layout
    • WEB server software description
    • Installation checklist


  • Parution : 26/02/2009
  • Edition : 1ère édition
  • Nb de pages : 240 pages
  • Format : 17 x 23
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