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Adobe Camera Raw for Digital Photographers Only

Librairie Eyrolles - Paris 5e

Adobe Camera Raw for Digital Photographers Only

Adobe Camera Raw for Digital Photographers Only

Sheppard Rob

368 pages, parution le 07/10/2005


Finally, a book that never forgets photography is an art form. Sure, the technology matters. But you're a photographer first. If the technology doesn't enhance the art, what's the point? Rob Sheppard knows what you want to know about using Adobe Camera Raw in Photoshop [registered] CS and CS2, because he uses it in creating his own highly acclaimed photographs. In this book, he shares the information you need in a language and context you understand, illustrated in full color with his own images. Understand what Raw is and know when to shoot Raw and when to shoot JPEG. See the benefits of higher bit depth when processing a photo. Demystify the different Raw formats. Discover what Raw can fix, and what it can't. Learn to read a histogram and use it to improve tonality and contrast. Follow a step-by-step outline to develop an efficient Camera Raw workflow. See how double processing can actually save you time and frustration. Learn to achieve maximum quality when processing Raw images.

Caractéristiques techniques du livre "Adobe Camera Raw for Digital Photographers Only"

Éditeur(s) John wiley and sons ltd
Auteur(s) Sheppard Rob
Parution 07/10/2005
Nb. de pages 368
Poids 995g
EAN13 9780764596834


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