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Tradition and Innovation in French Garden Art
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Librairie Eyrolles - Paris 5e

Tradition and Innovation in French Garden Art

Tradition and Innovation in French Garden Art

Chapters of a New History

John Dixon Hunt, Michel Conan, Claire Goldstein

242 pages, parution le 19/06/2002


In the absence of any modern history of French garden art, this volume offers twelve chapters that review some of the most interesting and innovative moments of French garden history. This series of studies traces a progression from what is taken as the golden age of French garden art, in the late seventeenth century, up to the present, when a renaissance of French design theory and practice is clearly visible.

By exploring the contributions of such important designers as Jean-Marie Morel and Claude-Henri Watelet, these essays argue for a tradition that includes, but is by no means exclusively influenced by, Andre Le Notre, long considered the dominant figure in French garden history. Even a glance at the wealth of garden theory and practice during the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries must call into question the conventional neglect of post-Le Notrean work. Each author reads a significant moment of garden art in relation to a whole cluster of cultural concerns, which change with the time and place of the garden discussed; overall, this has meant invoking town planning, engineering, optics, scientific and philosophic movements, bourgeois ethics, foreign imports, vernacular workings of the land, the rise of professional landscape practice, even the modernist refusal to recognize the garden itself as the prime site of intervention in the landscape.


  • 1 The Cultivation of a King, or the Flower Gardens of Louis XIV
  • 2 Engineering and French Formal Gardens in the Reign of Louis XIV
  • 3 Jules Hardouin Mansart and André Le Nostre at Dampierre
  • 4 Making Breathing Room: Public Gardens and City Planning in Eighteenth-Century France
  • 5 The Tree: Rural Tradition and Landscape Innovation in the Eighteenth Century
  • 6 Francesco Bettini and the Pedagogy of Garden Design in Late Eighteenth-Century France
  • 7 The Garden of the Perfectibilists: Méréville and the Désert de Retz
  • 8 Jean-Marie Morel and the Invention of Landscape Architecture
  • 9 The Coming of Age of the Bourgeois Garden
  • 10 Freedom from the Garden: Gabriel Guévrékian and a New Territory of Experience
  • 11 Reinventing the Parisian Park
  • 12 Stories for Tomorrow

L'auteur - Michel Conan

Autres livres de Michel Conan

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Éditeur(s) University of Pennsylvania
Auteur(s) John Dixon Hunt, Michel Conan, Claire Goldstein
Parution 19/06/2002
Nb. de pages 242
Format 22 x 28,5
Couverture Relié
Poids 1179g
Intérieur Noir et Blanc
EAN13 9780812236347
ISBN13 978-0-8122-3634-7


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