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Rebuilding Brand America
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Rebuilding Brand America

Rebuilding Brand America

What we must do to restore our reputation and safeguard the futur of american business abroad

Dick Martin - Collection Business

298 pages, parution le 23/01/2007


Once the envy of much of the world, America is now roundly disliked and resented. For too many people of other nations, the American Dream of opportunity has degenerated into a reality of selfishness and greed. Indeed, for many, this may be the anti-American century.

Rebuilding Brand America shows how anti-Americanism is not just a reaction to U.S. foreign policy, but also a rejection of the American way of life and business. It also shows how U.S. global companies can help rebuild America's reputation, calling for a new era of "corporate diplomacy"-not simply as a matter of patriotism, but as an essential element of doing business in the 21st century.

Rebuilding Brand America is a vivid and unflinching look at anti-Americanism, from its earliest manifestations in Colonial times to the latest morning headlines and TV news stories. Drawing on exclusive interviews with executives from global icons such as McDonald's, P&G, and FedEx, as well as on his own thorough analysis of the groundbreaking work of the Pew Research Center, the World Values Survey, and thought leaders such as pollster John Zogby, branding expert Keith Reinhard, and foreign affairs commentator Fareed Zakaria, author Dick Martin explains:

  • How America is perceived around the world, and why
  • How the practice of capitalism in America differs from its practice in the rest of the world, and what that means for U.S. multinational companies
  • How many traditional American values differ from ideals in the rest of the world and how that can lead to misunderstandings and conflict
  • What branding has to do with anti-Americanism
  • How anti-Americanism affects U.S.-based companies, and why it's a bigger problem than many think
  • The three most important best practices of global brand leaders
  • Why the growing middle classes in places like China and India could be America's most ardent proponents
  • Why business can be more effective than government in rebuilding Brand America
  • What U.S. businesses can and must do individually and in concert with each other to bring about the change

Based on a deep understanding of anti-Americanism's roots, Rebuilding Brand America is a clear, prescriptive call to action that will help U.S.-based companies prosper in global markets, and, ultimately, begin to restore America's image to its former glory.

L'auteur - Dick Martin

DICK MARTIN was executive vice president of public relations, employee communications, and brand management for AT&T. He has published articles in The Harvard Business Review and other media, and is the author of Tough Calls. He lives in Summit, New Jersey, and can be reached at


  • Tilting at Windmills
  • The Queen of Branding
  • Charlotte in Wonderland
  • The Prince of Pollsters
  • Measuring Distance in Kilograms
  • Why Do They Hate US?
  • The Pictures in Their Heads
  • The Business of America
  • The Power of Brands
  • Brand America
  • CEOs in Handcuffs
  • Plague or Paranoia
  • In Search of Anti-Anti-Americans
  • The Path to Happy
  • Sink Roots
  • Go Glocal
  • Share Your Customers' Cares
  • Stiff-Necked, Tree-Hugging Critics
  • Share Your Customers' Dreams
  • Myth America
  • A Lever to Move the World
  • Waging Peace
  • The Last Three Feet
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Caractéristiques techniques

Éditeur(s) Amacom
Auteur(s) Dick Martin
Collection Business
Parution 23/01/2007
Nb. de pages 298
Format 16 x 23,5
Couverture Relié
Poids 620g
Intérieur Noir et Blanc
EAN13 9780814473337
ISBN13 978-0-8144-7333-7


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