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Strategic Staffing
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Strategic Staffing

Strategic Staffing

A practical toolkit for workforce planning

Thomas P. Bechet

338 pages, parution le 16/07/2002


Presents clear, efficient staffing initiatives and the tools to make them work.

Many organizations understand the benefits of a longer-term approach to staffing: reduced turnover and hiring costs, improved efficiency and morale, and ultimately greater profits.

Unfortunately, traditional approaches to strategic staffing are often more effective on paper than in the workplace.
This essential book-and-CD-ROM package shows how to identify staffing needs and opportunities through qualitative and quantitative measures, and presents several effective, nontraditional approaches to strategic staffing. Featuring full case studies and dozens of examples, the book is both enlightening and practical. And to help readers create their own staffing plans, the CD-ROM is a trove of invaluable tools, including:
• PowerPoint(TM) slide presentations
• Customizable Excel(TM) spreadsheets
• Assessment and evaluation forms
• Calculations and analyses
• Sample staffing plans, and much more.

  • Sect. 1 Setting the Context
  • 1 An Overview of This Book
  • 2 What Is Strategic Staffing, Anyway?
  • 3 Developing Staffing Strategies That Really Work
  • Sect. 2 Developing the Strategic Staffing Process
  • 4 The Strategic Staffing Process
  • 5 Defining Required Staffing Levels
  • 6 Defining Staffing Requirements Where Plans Are Uncertain
  • 7 A Staffing Model Example
  • 8 Effective Strategic Staffing: Case Studies and Examples
  • Sect. 3 Implementing and Supporting Your Strategic Staffing Process
  • 9 Implementing Your Process Effectively
  • 10 Placing Strategic Staffing Within Your Business Context
  • 11 Assessing Your Current Strategic Staffing Process
  • 12 Involving Managers in the Strategic Staffing Process
  • 13 Developing a Strategic Staffing Web Site
  • Sect. 4 Beyond Staffing Plans: Analyzing and Applying the Results
  • 14 Measuring Staffing Effectiveness and Efficiency
  • 15 Calculating Staffing Costs and Evaluating Staffing Options
  • 16 Defining Staffing Reductions in a Strategic Context
  • App. A: Frequently Asked Questions
  • App. B Using the Strategic Staffing Templates from the CD-ROM
  • App. C: Using the Suggested Overheads

L'auteur - Thomas P. Bechet

Thomas P. Bechet (Wayne, IL) is founder of Bechet Consulting LLC and a specialist in human resources strategies. He teaches in the University of Michigan's Executive Education Program.

Caractéristiques techniques

Éditeur(s) Mc Graw Hill
Auteur(s) Thomas P. Bechet
Parution 16/07/2002
Nb. de pages 338
Format 18,5 x 26
Couverture Relié
Poids 860g
Intérieur Noir et Blanc
EAN13 9780814407288
ISBN13 978-0-8144-0728-8


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