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Physics of Continuous Matter

Librairie Eyrolles - Paris 5e

Physics of Continuous Matter

Physics of Continuous Matter

Exotic and Everyday Phenomena in the Macroscopic World

608 pages, parution le 30/12/2004


Continuum physics describes the physical world on a macroscopic scale. Despite the huge impact of quantum theory on physics in the 20th century, classical continuum physics is still an essential part of the physicists repertoire. Fields such as nonlinear science, geophysics, astrophysics, engineering and biophysics all require an understanding of the methodology of continuum physics, and the common principles underlying these very diverse topics at the macroscopic level.

Offering a modern approach to this most classical of subjects, Physics of Continuous Matter is first and foremost an introduction to the basic concepts and phenomenology of continuous systems, and the derivations of the equations of continuum mechanics from Newtonian mechanics. Although many examples, particularly in earlier chapters, are taken from geophysics and astrophysics, the emphasis has been placed on generic methods and applications. Each chapter begins with a soft introduction, putting the discussion within an everyday context, and the level of difficulty then rises steadily, a pattern which is reflected throughout the text as a whole. The necessary mathematical tools are developed in parallel with the physics on a need-to-know basis, an approach which avoids lengthy mathematical preliminaries.

Physics of Continuous Matter can be used as the main text for an early course on continuum physics or as the foundation for a series of related courses on more specialized topics. It will be an essential resource for physics students throughout the course of their degree and beyond.

...a superb text on continuum theory and applications with absolutely outstanding graphics. The graphs and figures in the side panels I expect will be extremely helpful to students or readers. The book is at the same time introductory and advanced, and the range of topics is exceptionally wide. Professor Richard Lovelace, Cornell University

...perhaps the only modern advanced undergraduate or graduate introduction to the subject…put together very elegantly and intelligently, illustrated by many examples from geophysics, astrophysics and other fields…a pleasure to teach. For a student who has already encountered solid and fluid mechanics, the text offers rigor and breadth; nothing is asserted, everything is derived. Predrag Cvitanovic, Glen P Robinson Chair in Nonlinear Sciences, School of Physics, Georgia Institute of Technology


  • Introduction
    • Continuous matter
    • Space and time
    • Gravity
  • Fluids at rest
    • Pressure
    • Buoyancy
    • Planets and stars
    • Hydrostatic shapes
    • Surface tension
  • Deformable solids
    • Stress
    • Strain
    • Linear elasticity
    • Solids at rest
    • Computational elastostatics
    • Elastic vibrations
  • Basic hydrodynamics
    • Fluids in motion
    • Nearly ideal flow
    • Viscocity
    • Plates and pipes
    • Creeping flow
    • Rotating fluids
    • Computational fluid dynamics
  • Special topics
    • Global laws of balance
    • Reaction forces and moments
    • Small-amplitude surface waves
    • Jumps and shocks
    • Whirls and vortices
    • Lubrication
    • Boundary layers
    • Subsonic flight
    • Heat
    • Convection
    • Turbulence
  • Appendices
    • A, Newtonian particle mechanics
    • Curvilinear coordinates
    • Thermodynamics of ideal gases
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Caractéristiques techniques du livre "Physics of Continuous Matter"

Éditeur(s) Institute of Physics (IOP)
Auteur(s) B. Lautrup
Parution 30/12/2004
Nb. de pages 608
Format 21 x 26
Couverture Broché
Poids 1417g
Intérieur Noir et Blanc
EAN13 9780750307529
ISBN13 978-0-7503-0752-9


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