Invasive Software Composition

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Invasive Software Composition

  • Nombre de pages : 346 pages   drapeau anglais
  • Date de parution : 10/03/2003 
  • EAN13 : 9783540443858

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Invasive software composition as a new, component-based way to construct software systems is presented. To improve reuse, this method regards software components as greybox and integrates them during composition. Components are distinct in design, but are merged in implementations, leading to highly integrated and more efficient systems. Building on a minimal set of program transformations, composition operator libraries can be developed that parameterize, extend, connect, mediate, and aspect-weave components.

Invasive software composition unifies several software engineering techniques such as generic programming, architecture systems, inheritance, and aspect-oriented programming.

The book is centered around the JAVA language and a freely available demonstrator library called COMPOST. The book provides a wealth of material for researchers, students and professional software architects alike.


  • How Can Invasive Software Composition Helps You
Part I. On the Way to Composition Systems
  • Problems in Composition
  • From Modular to Composition Systems
Part II. The Concept of Invasive Composition
  • Invasive Software Composition
  • How to Make Invasive Composition Reliable
Part III. Applications of Invasive Composition with Declared Hooks
  • Generalized Parameterization
  • Architecture as Composition
Part IV. Applications of Invasive Composition with Implicit Hooks
  • Inheritance as Hook Extension
  • Views with Sound Extensions
  • Aspect Composition as Distribution of Aspect Boxes
  • The Progress of Invasive Composition
  • Programming Languages and Compilers
  • The Production Cell
  • A Facet Classification of Hooks
  • The Structure of COMPOST in UML
  • Legend of the Box Graphics.


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  • EAN13 : 9783540443858
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  • Parution : 10/03/2003
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  • Nb de pages : 346 pages
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