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Collection : LabWorX (Éditeur : Publitronic - Elektor)

LabWorX is a collection of books, each handling a particular topic in the field of electronics. Each volume condenses all the information, applications and notes collected during hands-on work with the covered technology, all into one book. Besides the basics of the technology, in-depth examples and applications are given as well as troubleshooting tips on how to proceed if the initial implementation fails. The books provide a centralised repository of knowledge, each handling a particular technology. Each book may have optional circuit boards that let the reader try out the material covered. Also a website provides up-to-information and software code examples where applicable. This will make your life easier when dealing with the subject at hand. It is literally going from our lab to your brain so that you too can master the subject.

Résultats : 1 à 1 sur 1 livre
Mastering the I²C Bus
Explorez le bus I²C (Inter Integrated Circuit)

Auteur : Vincent Himpe

Éditeur : Publitronic - Elektor

Date de parution : 27/04/2012

Expédié sous 5 jours


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