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Callum Henderson

Callum Henderson

Biographie de Callum Henderson

Callum Henderson is head of Emerging EMEA Strategy for a leading US investment bank based in London, and is responsible for Emerging EMEA research, FX and Fixed Income Strategy. A widely-quoted authority on both emerging and currency markets, Mr Henderson has written articles for a number of leading financial journals and given seminars around the world on global currency markets, in particular on currency crises. Prior to his current position, Mr Henderson was part of the Citibank FX Strategy team, which has been top-ranked by leading publications, and Manager of FX Analysis - Asia for Standard & Poor's MMS, based in Hong Kong and New York.
Mr Henderson has authored three previousl books covering the Asian economic story: Asia Falling, China on the Brink (awarded the Best Business Book of 1999 by the Library Journal of the US), and Asian Dawn.

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