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Dave Chappell

Dave Chappell

Biographie de Dave Chappell

Dave Chappell is vice president and SonicMQ chief technology evangelist at Progress Software Corp. Dave has over 18 years of industry
experience building software tools and infrastructure for application developers, spanning all aspects of R&D, sales, marketing, and support
services. Dave has also been published in Network World magazine and has presented technical topics at numerous speaking engagements
including JavaOne and XMLOne.
As director of engineering for SonicMQ, Progress Software's award winning JMS Internet Commerce Messaging System, Dave oversaw the
design and development of the fastest and most scalable, reliable, and robust implementation of JMS in the marketplace.

Livres de Dave Chappell

Résultats : 1 à 1 sur 1 livre
Java Message Service

Auteurs : Richard Monson-Haefel, Dave Chappell

Éditeur : O'Reilly

Date de parution : 01/03/2001

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