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Dennis Malone

Dennis Malone

Biographie de Dennis Malone

Dennis Maione is a Microsoft Certified Trainer and consultant. In addition to writing books, he spends his time helping people and companies make smart choices about network infrastructure, security, and software. He has been working with Windows NT since version 3.51 and has played with Windows 2000 since it was NT 5.0, pre-beta.

Not to have his real life crowded out by business interests, he spends the remainder of his free time with his wife and three children reading, scuba diving, and troubleshooting his home LAN ("Daddy, how come Reader Rabbit won?t run?").

Livres de Dennis Malone

Résultats : 1 à 1 sur 1 livre
MCSE Training Guide: Windows 2000 Server

Auteur : Dennis Malone

Éditeur : New Riders

Date de parution : 01/08/2000


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