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Derrick Kinney

Derrick Kinney

Biographie de Derrick Kinney

Derrick Kinney, a Dallas/Fort Worth-based financial planner, has been named the "most recognized financial advisor" in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Nationally, Kinney has been hailed as a "marketing guru" by Investment Advisor magazine and has been quoted by the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Newsweek, Smart Money, Entrepreneur, CBS MarketWatch, Bloomberg Television, and numerous newspapers across the country. Locally, Kinney appears regularly on radio and TV as a financial expert. In addition to his own successful financial planning practice, Kinney runs Palladium Media Consulting, which advises financial professionals and business owners across the country on how to position themselves as experts in their local media to attract their ideal clients. A successful entrepreneur and business owner, Kinney is a popular speaker for financial firms and small business conferences across the country.

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