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Gary Nebbett

Gary Nebbett

Biographie de Gary Nebbett

Gary Nebbett

first started working with operating systems when he joined the MultiMIRTOS development team at Standard Telecommunication Laboratories immediately after graduating from London University in 1982. (MultiMIRTOS was a real-time embedded operating system for the Intel 8086 processor.) Gary has served as a Senior Research Engineer in various organizations, since that time. He has focused on developing kernel-mode code for operating systems including Unix, VMS and Windows NT, and is practiced in modifying the behavior of applications for which only binary code is available. Through his investigation of system internals, he has developed applications not typically possible for a given operating system, including tools to trace system calls, reconstruct deleted files, and capture network traffic.

Livres de Gary Nebbett

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Windows Nt/2000
Native API Reference

Auteur : Gary Nebbett

Éditeur : Macmillan

Date de parution : 18/02/2000


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Informatique Développement d'applications Programmation Windows COM/DCOM, COM+, ATL, et Windows DNA
Informatique Développement d'applications Programmation Windows Programmation Windows 2000/NT
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