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Kent Joshi

Kent Joshi

Biographie de Kent Joshi

In 1986, he went to work for a small software company by the name of Microsoft, which needed help establishing a presence along with WordPerfect and Lotus 1-2-3. Armed with a Microsoft Mach/10 accelerator card and a Microsoft mouse with a steel mouse ball that reminded him of the pinball games he was addicted to, Kent was determined to make a mark somewhere in the computer world. Along the way, he worked for IBM, a company that was partnering with Microsoft to jointly release the next killer version of DOS, called OS/2.
After several years as a good corporate citizen, Kent started his own company called The Joshi Group. Providing technical consulting services, he built a roster of clients including Nestle, Taco Bell (division of Pepsico), and Merrill Lynch. Later, he sold his company to Software Spectrum, an international consulting company that is publicly traded on the NASDAQ.

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