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Laura Lemay

Laura Lemay

Biographie de Laura Lemay

With an understanding of wit and wires, links to the Internet and the intellect, Laura Lemay is one of the most recognizable names on computer book shelves. A self-made computer book writer, Laura brought her passion to key a computer book to Sams Publishing. After quickly fine-tuning her HTML skills, her proposal was accepted and her first book was written-launching the Sams Teach Yourself HTML series.
With the strong success of her first tutorial, Laura has seen the Sams Teach Yourself HTML series grow to a collection of six editions, as well as launching her own series, Laura Lemay's Web Workshop (Sams Publishing). As the series editor, Laura has worked with specialists in Java, ActiveX, Netscape, FrontPage, graphics, 3D, and many more to bring the most up-to-date and informative tutorials on Web technology and trends.
With a refreshingly unique style, Laura writes her books in a casual tone-taking her readers along for a ride filled with tips, humor, instructions, anecdotes, and unmistakable knowledge. Priding herself on being a real voice through her work-and not just words on a page-Laura leads readers along like the friendly, over-the-shoulder teacher they need. Anxious for the future of Web development, Laura predicts an increasing need for designers and HTML hackers. With an ever-advancing and evolving Internet, she sees the diversity in its audience, content, and potential dictating the market and creating more jobs.
Not having a 9-to-5 job since 1994, Laura Lemay practiced her trade by writing technical manuals for Kaleida, an Apple/IBM start-up. Previous to that, she earned a technical writing degree from Carnegie-Mellon University and spent four years at Sun

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