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Nancy A. Bagranoff

Nancy A. Bagranoff

Biographie de Nancy A. Bagranoff

Nancy A. Bagranoff received her A.A. degree from Briarcliff College, B.S. degree from the Ohio State University, and M.S. degree in accounting from Syracuse University. Her DBA degree was conferred by The George Washington University in 1986 (accounting major and information systems minor). From 1973 to 1976 she was employed by General Electric in Syracuse, New York, where she completed the company's Financial Management training Program. She spent Fall 1995 as Faculty in Residence at Arthur Andersen where she worked for the Business Systems Consulting and Computer Risk Management groups. Professor Bagranoff has published several articles in such journals as Journal of Information Systems, Journal of Accounting Literature, Computer and Accounting, The Journal of Accounting Education, Behavioral Research in Accounting, Journal of Accountancy, and The Journal of Accounting and EDP. Dr. Bagranoff is also co-author of Core Concepts of Consulting for Accountants and Core Concepts of Consulting for Accountants and Core Concepts of IT Auditing. She is currently the Dean of the College of Business and Public Administration at Old Dominion University and President of the Information Systems section of the American Accounting Association.

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