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Ralph Roberts

Ralph Roberts

Biographie de Ralph Roberts

Ralph Roberts is a long-time computer and general interest writer, with such titles as Creative Computing, Compute?s Computer Viruses, The Official Book of Leisure Suit Larry, and Genealogy via the Internet. He has over 80 books and 5,000 articles and short stories to his credit. His programming language titles include books on Turbo BASIC, Emacs, Unix, and Microsoft Publisher. Roberts has been using REBOL to write scripts on several platforms, and is truly a convert from any other type of scripting language. He describes these scenarios with just the perfect amount of humor and detailed explanations, making it enjoyable and understandable for the reader. What?s more, Roberts was suggested by REBOL, who are keenly interested in seeing this book published and helping us to promote and sell it.

Livres de Ralph Roberts

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REBOL For Dummies®

Auteur : Ralph Roberts

Éditeur : IDG

Date de parution : 01/12/2000


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