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Richard D. Hackathorn

Richard D. Hackathorn

Biographie de Richard D. Hackathorn

Dr. Richard D. Hackathorn

is a well-known innovator and international educator in the information systems field with over thirty years of experience. In 1991 he founded Bolder Technology, Inc., to focus on professional education and technology innovation in the area of Enterprise Systems and Connectivity, serving professional clients including Lockheed Martin, Shell Oil, Microsoft Corporation, and Sybase. Dr. Hackathorn has published numerous articles and is the author of Enterprise Database Connectivity and co-author of Using the Data Warehouse.

Livres de Richard D. Hackathorn

Résultats : 1 à 1 sur 1 livre
Web farming for the data warehouse

Auteur : Richard D. Hackathorn

Éditeur : Morgan Kaufmann

Date de parution : 21/12/1998


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