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Richard Grigonis

Richard Grigonis

Biographie de Richard Grigonis

Richard Grigonis has been the chief technical editor of Communications Convergence magazine (formerly Computer Telephony) since its first year of operation in 1994. Affectionately known in the communications industry as "Zippy," he is a preeminent expert on fault-tolerant computer telephony systems, and is known worldwide for his thorough understanding of the technical and inter-relational aspects of data and telecommunications systems and technology.
He is the author of such well-known books as Disaster Survival Guide for Business Communication Networks (CMP Books, 2002) and Computer Telephony Encyclopedia (CMP Books, 2000). Richard has published articles in Dr. Dobb's Journal, Teleconnect, and Call Center magazines. He has also advised foreign governments and corporations on computer telephony and call center technology.

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