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Satyaraj Pantham

Satyaraj Pantham

Biographie de Satyaraj Pantham

Dr. Satyaraj Pantharn

earned a Ph.D. from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore (India) for his research work in flight stability and control. He has worked as a professional programmer for a decade, developing software for a variety of systems that range from aircraft to email.

Dr. Pantham has been programming with Java since the beginning of the Java revolution. He works as a consultant for Sun Microsystems. This is the second book written by the author; his previous book, titled Pure JFC: Swing, focuses on the Swing technology provided in JFC. He currently works on a Java project to build a production control system for the manufacturing industry. His software design and developmental interests include JFC Swing, 2D and 3D graphics, design patterns and UML, and distributed computing using Java IDL.

Livres de Satyaraj Pantham

Résultats : 1 à 2 sur 2 livres
Pure JFC
2D Graphics and Imaging

Auteur : Satyaraj Pantham

Éditeur : Sams

Date de parution : 10/11/1999


Pure JFC Swing

Auteur : Satyaraj Pantham

Éditeur : Sams

Date de parution : 26/02/1999


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