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Tim Peterson

Tim Peterson

Biographie de Tim Peterson

Tim Peterson

is the chief consultant at SDG Computing, Inc., a company that specializes in data warehousing with Microsoft's SQL Server tools. He has used DTS for data warehousing projects with telecommunications, insurance, manufacturing, and internet companies.

Tim is the designer of the Local Cube Task, a custom DTS task that automates the process of creating multiple local cubes. Local cube files allow users to access their OLAP data when they are disconnected from the network. The Local Cube Task provides companies a way of efficiently creating their local cubes. Whenever DTS is used to load new data into a database, this custom task can be used to create current copies of the local cubes.

Livres de Tim Peterson

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Microsoft SQL Server 2000 DTS

Auteur : Tim Peterson

Éditeur : Sams

Date de parution : 01/12/2000


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