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Todd W. Mathers

Todd W. Mathers

Biographie de Todd W. Mathers

Todd W. Mathers

is a thin client consultant and software designer who specializes in application integration on Windows NT TSE and WinFrame. Todd was a key leader and integrator for the thin client company-one of the largest load-balancing WinFrame installations to date. This effort was honored as one of the "Top Ten Best Technology Projects in 1996" by Windows NT Magazine. Todd has worked with Windows NT since its initial release and also has served as a key beta tester for Microsoft throughout the development of the Windows NT Corporation, which implements thin client solutions of all sizes using Terminal Server, MetaFrame, and WinFrame

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Informatique Systèmes d'exploitation Windows Windows NT / 2000 Administration
Informatique Systèmes d'exploitation Windows Windows 2000 Serveur
Informatique Systèmes d'exploitation Windows Windows 2003 Serveur
Informatique Bureautique Systèmes d'exploitation Windows Windows 8 et 8.1
Informatique Réseaux et télecommunications Administration réseau
Informatique Réseaux et télecommunications Sécurité réseau
Informatique Certifications Microsoft
Informatique Certifications Microsoft MCSE : Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer Windows NT
Informatique Certifications Citrix
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