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Tushar Mahapatra

Tushar Mahapatra

Biographie de Tushar Mahapatra

Tushar Mahapatra has been a software developer and consultant since 1987 and
has worked on a variety of OLTP and DSS projects using the Oracle database.
Presently, as a database architect for a Fortune 500 company, he is responsible for
the design, implementation, and deployment of applications in an Oracle Parallel
Server environment. He also runs a consulting company that provides database
design, application development, and database administration services for Oracle
databases. Tushar has a bachelor of science degree in electrical engineering, a master
of technology degree in industrial management, and a master of science degree in
computer science and management. He lives in New Jersey with his wife Sasmita and
their two children. He can be reached by email at tushar@mitrasystems.com.

Livres de Tushar Mahapatra

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Oracle parallel processing

Auteurs : Tushar Mahapatra, Sanjay Mishra

Éditeur : O'Reilly

Date de parution : 15/09/2000

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Informatique Systèmes d'exploitation OS embarqués et temps réel
Informatique Développement d'applications Techniques de programmation Programmation parallèle et multithreading
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