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American City Sculpture
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American City Sculpture

American City Sculpture

Chen Ciliang

300 pages, parution le 05/01/2011


American city sculptures have prominent characteristic of internationalization, and there are a lot of sculptures coming from different countries all over the world which reflect the diversities of nationality, culture, religions, history and philosophy (for example "the statue of liberty" a gift from France) American city sculptures can be roughly divided into the classical time and the modern time Early sculptures are mostly true-life style, because the artists are mainly migrations from France and Italy, and the styles of their works represent wealth, exploration, power, deploitation, freedom, mightiness, construction, elevation, etc The most famous American mountain sculpture "The Nationa Monument" which as the sculpture of four American presidents, symbolizes the founding of the United States of America. Other famous works are sculptures in "Lincoln Memorial" "Washington Tower" "Capitol"" White House" "Jefferson Museum" "Sulfur Island Monument" "New York Rockfeller Center" "Federal Buslness Building" etc.

In the 20th century. American cities are full of mechanization and Industrialization, the sculptors taste despair and yearning of the people, and they call for the return of nature. In the 1960's, "Minimalism" appear, American sculptors become Inaugurators of "Pop Art Sculpture" they advocate that the art should face the civilization of mechanics and consumption and express the life of familiar- to- all images. These creative methods and the view of the artistic taste make the independence of the American art. Mechanic sculptures originate from America, which make townsman perceive the optimism of the Americans Abstract sculptures are not only compatible with American skyscrapers but also acknowledged by the public that it has indinsable position as city sculpture. In the 1970's, some sculptors make their works blend with city characters. In the 1980's, environmental protection sculptures come into being. Today, America environmental artists create a lot of works which advocate the care of nature by human being and reflect some special environmental problems. Furthermore, some public areas are also fun of duplicates of famous sculptures all over the world.

textes en anglais et en chinois - Texts in english and chinese.

L'auteur - Chen Ciliang

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Éditeur(s) Liaoning Science and Technology Publishing House
Auteur(s) Chen Ciliang
Parution 05/01/2011
Nb. de pages 300
Format 24,5 x 27
Couverture Relié
Poids 1560g
Intérieur Quadri
EAN13 9787538145670
ISBN13 978-7-5381-4567-0


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