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ActionScript 3.0 Bible

Librairie Eyrolles - Paris 5e

ActionScript 3.0 Bible

ActionScript 3.0 Bible

- Collection Bible Series

1008 pages, parution le 21/07/2010 (2eme édition)


The updated edition on all the latest features and capabilities of ActionScript 3.0 and Flash Player 10.

ActionScript is a popular programming language used primarily for the development of Web sites and software. This update to the successful previous version introduces you to all the exciting new capabilities of ActionScript 3.0. You'll see how ActionScript 3.0 goes beyond its primary use of scripting Flash animations and is now an object-oriented evolution that runs ten times faster than previous versions and can be used in Adobe's new platforms, including Flex and AIR.

Hands-on instruction and step-by-step tutorials enhance your learning process as you discover everything you need to know in order to harness the power of ActionScript 3.0. You'll learn the nitty gritty of building Rich Internet Applications (RIA) and the ins and outs of putting the new features of ActionScript 3.0 to work for you.

  • ActionScript 3.0 goes beyond its original role as a scripting language and has added development features, incredible speed, and the ability to work with Flex and AIR
  • Shows you how to apply advanced graphic effects using Pixel Blender
  • Demonstrates the all-new text and typography capabilities
  • Addresses your new enhanced control over dynamic sound
  • Explains templated types and new vector data structures

ActionScript 3.0 Bible offers you a soup-to-nuts guide on all things ActionScript 3.0 so you can get started working with it immediately.


  • ActionScript 3.0 Language Basics
  • Core ActionScript 3.0 Data Types
  • The Display List
  • Event-Driven Programming
  • Error Handling
  • External Data
  • Sound and Video
  • Graphics Programming and Animation
  • Flash in Context
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Caractéristiques techniques du livre "ActionScript 3.0 Bible"

Éditeur(s) Wiley
Auteur(s) Roger Braunstein
Collection Bible Series
Parution 21/07/2010
Édition  2eme édition
Nb. de pages 1008
Format 19 x 23,5
Couverture Broché
Poids 1453g
Intérieur Noir et Blanc
EAN13 9780470525234
ISBN13 978-0-470-52523-4
Sélection de Noël

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