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10 Minute Guide to Getting Organized
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10 Minute Guide to Getting Organized

10 Minute Guide to Getting Organized

Elizabeth O'Leary

156 pages, parution le 01/04/2000 (2eme édition)


This guide is based on the philosophy that organization is a skill and, like all skills, it can be learned. The author provides steps for creating systems that will save you time and labor, shows you how to keep your desktop clutter-free, helps you avoid procrastination and excuses, and introduces you to organizational tools that will benefit both you and your staff.

There is a definite beauty to being organized. The peace and symmetry that surround a well-defined piece of art or a well-written book are almost palpable. Developing systems to make your work life and home life function smoothly are worth every effort it takes, for that same reason. You maintain a calmer exterior, but what really counts is what's going on inside you. Becoming more organized leaves you the time to become more focused on getting the most from life. That leaves more time for your family, more time for pleasurable pursuits just more time!

Years ago, Janet's husband gave her the book Don't Sweat the Small Stuff... And It's All Small Stuff by Richard Carlson, Ph.D. Carlson's philosophy was startling-and it exactly mirrored the way that she felt:

"Our current level of stress will be exactly that of our tolerance to stress," Carlson says in the book. "We have it backwards in our society. We tend to look up to people who handle loads of stress."

Instead of finding ways to prove how much work we can take on, to show how much we can handle, and to crow about our stress levels, let's reduce it. Being organized cuts down on stress and makes us more productive, not lazy.

This book is loaded with tips, ideas, and philosophies on getting organized in the world of business. But because there are no longer clear lines between home and office-indeed, many of us work at homewe had to dole out a measure of both. You don't have to take on the whole book at once. A lesson read here, an exercise practiced thereit all adds up. Before long, you'll be handing out tips to friends and associates when you see how much better you can function.

It's hard to ignore the Internet today-in fact, it has helped add to the information overload. But there are some valuable tools out there, and we've added a few appropriate selections. We've also included products and pricings where we thought they would help. Obviously, the prices can change, but to know a range is helpful. We've added a few appropriate selections. We've also included products and pricings where we thought they would help. Obviously, the prices can change, but to know a range is helpful.


  • Chapter 1: Why Get Organized' ..... 1
  • Chapter 2: Easy Organizing Basics ..... 8
  • Chapter 3: Balancing Home and Office ..... 17
  • Chapter 4: Finishing a Day's Work in Advance ..... 27
  • Chapter 5: Using High-Tech Tools and Software ..... 36
  • Chapter 6: Understanding Your Company ..... 47
  • Chapter 7: Organizing Your Office ..... 53
  • Chapter 8: Managing Your Computer ..... 61
  • Chapter 9: Organizing Your Staff ..... 68
  • Chapter 10: Managing Your Budget ..... 75
  • Chapter 11: Going on the Road ..... 83
  • Chapter 12: Managing Company Events ..... 92
  • Chapter 13: Staying Focused Amidst Change ..... 99
  • Chapter 14: Getting Professional Help ..... 105
  • Chapter 15: Streamlining Business-Specific Processes ..... 112
  • Chapter 16: Triumphing Over Time-Eaters ..... 121
  • Chapter 17: Working at Home ..... 129
  • Chapter 18: Understanding Project Management ..... 136

L'auteur - Elizabeth O'Leary

Elizabeth O'Leary learned her leadership skills from the best-her father, a U.S. Army Lieutenant General. She honed her strong leadership qualities in the role of Senior Editor in America Online's newsroom, managing a staff of journalists through some of the late 20th century's most important news stories.

Caractéristiques techniques

Éditeur(s) Macmillan
Auteur(s) Elizabeth O'Leary
Parution 01/04/2000
Édition  2eme édition
Nb. de pages 156
Format 14 x 21
Couverture Broché
Poids 196g
Intérieur Noir et Blanc
EAN13 9780028636139

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