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Billy, Alfred, and General Motors
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Billy, Alfred, and General Motors

Billy, Alfred, and General Motors

The Story of Two Unique Men, a Legendary Company, and a Remarkable Time in American History

William Pelfrey - Collection Business/Biography

316 pages, parution le 15/05/2006


One industry has had more impact on life in America than any other before or since. Here is the story of two men and one company at the start of it all.

You couldn't find two more different men. Billy Durant was the consummate salesman, a brilliant wheeler-dealer with grand plans, unflappable energy, and a fondness for the high life. Alfred Sloan was the intellectual, an expert in business strategy and management, master of all things organizational. Together, this odd couple built perhaps the most successful enterprise in U.S. history, General Motors, and with it an industry that has come to define modern life throughout the world. Their story is full of timeless lessons, cautionary tales, and inspiration for business leaders and history buffs alike.

Billy, Alfred, and General Motors is the tale not just of the two extraordinary men of its title but also of the formative decades of twentieth-century America, through two world wars and sea changes in business, industry, politics, and culture. The book includes vivid, warts-and-all portraits of the legends of the golden age of the automobile, from "Crazy" Henry Ford, Ransom Olds, and Charles Nash to the brilliant but uncredited David Dunbar Buick and Cadillac founder Henry Leland.

The impact of Durant and Sloan on their contemporaries and their industry is matched only by the powerful legacy of their improbable and incredible partnership. Characters, events, and context-all are brought skillfully and passionately to life in this meticulously researched and supremely readable book.

L'auteur - William Pelfrey

William Pelfrey (Beverly Hills, MI) spent 15 years at General Motors Corp., most recently as Director of Executive Communications. A former journalist, he reported from Vietnam, Appalachia, and Pakistan for The New York Times, Atlantic Monthly, and The New Republic. His first book, The Big V, was nominated for the National Book Award and won him a National Endowment for the Arts fellowship.


  • Acknowledgments
  • A Note on Sources and Permissions
  • Introduction: What They Wrought
  • 1920: The Fateful Year
  • A Precocious Dropout Forges His First Empire
  • A Quiet Student Becomes a First-Class Supplier
  • A New Machine Creates a New Order
  • Restless in Flint, Antsy in New York
  • The Dropout's Next Big Thing
  • Birth of a General
  • Shooting for the Stars
  • Down but Hardly Out
  • Beating the Odds with Chevrolet
  • A Boardroom Coup Like None Before or Since
  • The Founder's Grip Slips Again
  • A Last Good-Bye to the Baby
  • Alfred Pulls the Ranks Together
  • From Transformation to Domination
  • Epilogue: What's Good for General Motors
  • Chronology of Key Events
  • Notes
  • Selected Bibliography
  • Index
  • About the Author
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Caractéristiques techniques

Éditeur(s) Amacom
Auteur(s) William Pelfrey
Collection Business/Biography
Parution 15/05/2006
Nb. de pages 316
Format 15,5 x 23,5
Couverture Relié
Poids 649g
Intérieur Noir et Blanc
EAN13 9780814408698
ISBN13 978-0-8144-0869-8


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