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The End of Diversity?

Librairie Eyrolles - Paris 5e

The End of Diversity?

The End of Diversity?

Prospects for German and Japanese Capitalism

Kozo Yamamura, Wolfgang Streeck

414 pages, parution le 09/05/2003


After the devastation of World War II, Germany and Japan built national capitalist institutions that were remarkably successful in terms of national reconstruction and international competitiveness. Yet both "miracles" have since faltered, allowing U.S. capital and its institutional forms to establish global dominance. National varieties of capitalism are now under intense pressure to converge to the U.S. model. Kozo Yamamura and Wolfgang Streeck have gathered an international group of authors to examine the likelihood of convergence-to determine whether the global forces of Anglo-American capitalism will give rise to a single, homogeneous capitalist system. The chapters in this volume approach this question from five directions: international integration, technological innovation, labor relations and production systems, financial regimes and corporate governance, and domestic politics.

In their introduction, Yamamura and Streeck summarize the crises of performance and confidence that have beset German and Japanese capitalism and revived the question of competitive convergence. The editors ask whether the two countries, confronted with the political and economic exigencies of technological revolution and economic internationalization, must abandon their distinctive institutions and the competitive advantages these have yielded in the past, or whether they can adapt and retain such institutions, thereby preserving the social cohesion and economic competitiveness of their societies.


  • Introduction: Convergence or Diversity? Stability and Change in German and Japanese Capitalism
  • Germany and Japan: Binding versus Autonomy
  • Regional States: Japan and Asia, Germany in Europe
  • Germany and Japan in a New Phase of Capitalism: Confronting the Past and the Future
  • The Embedded Innovation Systems of Germany and Japan: Distinctive Features and Futures
  • The Future of Nationally Embedded Capitalism: Industrial Relations in Germany and Japan
  • Transformation and Interaction: Japanese, U.S., and German Production Models in the 1990s
  • From Banks to Markets: The Political Economy of Liberalization of the German and Japanese Financial Systems
  • Corporate Governance in Germany and Japan: Liberalization Pressures and Responses during the 1990s
  • The Re-Organization of Organized Capitalism: How the German and Japanese Models Are Shaping Their Own Transformations
  • Competitive Party Democracy and Political-Economic Reform in Germany and Japan: Do Party Systems Make a Difference?

L'auteur - Wolfgang Streeck

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Éditeur(s) Cornell University Press
Auteur(s) Kozo Yamamura, Wolfgang Streeck
Parution 09/05/2003
Nb. de pages 414
Format 15,5 x 23,5
Couverture Broché
Poids 607g
Intérieur Noir et Blanc
EAN13 9780801488207
ISBN13 978-0-8014-8820-7


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