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The Freedom Economy
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The Freedom Economy

The Freedom Economy

Gaining the mCommerce Edge in the Era of the Wireless Internet

Peter G. W. Keen, Ron Mackintosh - Collection Osborne

260 pages, parution le 01/07/2001


mCommerce--mobile commerce--is marking the start of another era of innovation in business.

Just as personal computers and the Internet have changed the landscape of ecommerce, mCommerce will continue to extend the way organizations conduct business--and change the relationships between companies, customers, suppliers, and partners. Mobility means freedom. Freedom creates choice and, as a result, value. Offering much more than just convenience, wireless technology can revolutionize the way companies work, buy, sell, and collaborate. To effectively utilize the power of mCommerce in your organization, understand where the technology is headed, and avoid the pitfalls, you need The Freedom Economy. This book reveals ways to take advantage of emerging mobile and wireless technologies, and create larger, profitable business opportunities for your company. Filled with case studies and hands-on advice, this unique book identifies and outlines the key areas for expanding value through mCommerce: customer relationships, logistics, and knowledge mobilization, or intellectual capital. By integrating mCommerce and eCommerce through enterprise-centric tools, you can build a new platform for business, and truly realize the rewards and payoffs of wireless commerce. From idea through to result, this insightful and practical guide delivers winning strategies for gaining the mCommerce edge. Use them, and watch your business succeed both now and well into the future.


foreword ..... ix
Acknowledgments ..... xi
Part I: The M-Commerce [R]evolution ..... 1
Chapter 1: M-Commerce: New Freedoms and New Value ..... 3
The Potential of M-Commerce and the Reality today ..... 12
The Business Management Agenda: the Demand Side
Search for Value ..... 19
The M-Commerce Technology Enablers ..... 21
Conclusion: A Road Map to Gaining the M-Commerce Edge ..... 24
Chapter 2: M-Commerce and the Evolution of the Freedom Economy ..... 25
Inventing the Customer ..... 30
Conclusion ..... 46
Chapter 3: M-Commerce Technology Innovation: Faster than Internet Time and even more Chaotic ..... 49
Making Sense of the Technology ..... 52
The State of the Wireless World of M-Commerce Enablers ..... 71
Chapter 4: The International Freedom Economy: M-Commerce and Global Innovation ..... 73
The International Competitive Picture ..... 85
M-Commerce Myopia ..... 93
Part II: M-Commerce in Action ..... 95
Chapter 5: The Search for M-Commerce Value ..... 97
The Search for Value ..... 102
Chapter 6: M-Commerce Relationships: Designing the
Customer Experience ..... 115
Safety ..... 122
Location Responsiveness ..... 125
Moment of Value ..... 126
The Relationship Imperative and Death of the Transaction Economy ..... 130
Designing the Customer Experience ..... 136
Chapter 7: Logistics:from Mobile Warehouse to Intelligent Asset ..... 139
Have Technology, Will Travel ..... 145
The M-Commerce Logistics Opportunity Agenda ..... 157
Chapter 8: Making Intellectual Capital Real: Down with Knowledge Management, Up with Mobile Knowledge Mobilization .....161
Knowledge Mobilization in Action: Application and Technology ..... 166
Freedom Now! the Scale of the Knowledge
Mobilization Opportunity ..... 175
Part III: From Idea to Results: the Management Agenda ..... 183
Chapter 9: Behind the Scenes: the Dark Side of M-Commerce ..... 185
Privacy ..... 186
Security ..... 194
Reliability ..... 197
Chapter 10: Place your Bets: Building M-Commerce Beachheads ..... 203
Step 1: Invent the Freedoms ..... 207
Step 2: Ensure Practicality ..... 208
Step 3: Select the Technology Enablers and tools ..... 211
Step 4: Define the Beachheads ..... 215
Venture Management ..... 218
Conclusion: From Opportunity to Delivery ..... 221
Afterword Profitting through M-Commerce in the Freedom Economy ..... 223
Notes ..... 225
Bibliography ..... 239
Index ..... 247

L'auteur - Peter G. W. Keen

Peter G.W. Keen is president of Keen Innovations and Keen Education. He has served on the faculties of Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Wharton, Duke, and Fordham, as well as Delft, Stockholm, and the London Business School. He is the author of twenty books on business and IT strategy, and an advisory board member for a number of Internet companies.

Caractéristiques techniques

Éditeur(s) Mc Graw Hill
Auteur(s) Peter G. W. Keen, Ron Mackintosh
Collection Osborne
Parution 01/07/2001
Nb. de pages 260
Format 15,5 x 23,5
Couverture Relié
Poids 550g
Intérieur Noir et Blanc
EAN13 9780072133677


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