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A Programmer's Introduction to C#
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A Programmer's Introduction to C#

A Programmer's Introduction to C#

Eric Gunnerson

384 pages, parution le 13/11/2000


Eric Gunnerson, the test lead for and member of Microsoft's C# design team, has written a comprehensive C# tutorial for programmers to help them get up to speed. In A Programmer's Introduction to C#, he explains how C# works, why it was developed the way it was, and how C# fits into Microsoft's new .NET Framework. Gunnerson addresses the basics as well as the inner-workings of the language including classes, structs, attributes, statement and flow of execution, Arrays, Delegates and Events, Exception Handling and Interoperability. The author devotes the final portion of the book to advanced topics in C# and provides a language comparison that will be especially useful for C++, Java, and Visual Basic programmers.


  • Includes in-depth information about the functionality of the language and a C# "Quick Start" section
  • Teaches how to write components that fit seamlessly into the .NET Framework
  • Special C# reference information tailored for C++, Java, and Visual Basic programmers
  • Foreword by Anders Hejlsberg architect of C#, Delphi, and Turbo Pascal


  • Introduction
  • Object-Oriented Basics
  • The .Net Runtime Environment
  • C# QuickStart
  • Exception Handling
  • Classes 101
  • Base Classes and Inheritance
  • Class Member Accessibility
  • Other Class Stuff
  • Structs (Value Types)
  • Interfaces
  • Versioning Using New and Override
  • Statements and Flow of Execution
  • Local Variable Scoping
  • Expressions
  • Conversions
  • Arrays
  • Strings
  • Properties
  • Indexers
  • Enumerators
  • Attributes
  • Delegates
  • Events
  • User-defined Conversions
  • Operator Overloading
  • Other Language Details
  • Making Friends with the .Net Frameworks
  • System.Array and the Collection Classes
  • Interop
  • .Net Frameworks Overview
  • Deeper into C#
  • Optimizations
  • Defensive Programming
  • The Command-line
  • C# Compared to Other Languages
  • C# Futures

L'auteur - Eric Gunnerson

Eric Gunnerson is a software design engineer in Microsoft's Visual C++ QA group and a member of the C# design team. In his professional career, he has worked primarily on database products and tools, and is proud that nearly half the companies he has worked for remain in business.

Caractéristiques techniques

Éditeur(s) Springer
Auteur(s) Eric Gunnerson
Parution 13/11/2000
Nb. de pages 384
Format 18,6 x 23,5
Couverture Broché
Poids 781g
Intérieur Noir et Blanc
EAN13 9781893115866

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