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A VHDL primer
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A VHDL primer

A VHDL primer

Jayaram Bhasker

384 pages, parution le 30/09/1998


Thousands of engineers need to leverage VHDL's remarkable power - but VHDL can be notoriously complex. This up-to-the-minute introduction to VHDL focuses on the features engineers need to get results - with extensive practical examples so they can start writing VHDL models immediately. Written by Jayaram Bhasker, one of the world's leading VHDL course developers, this best-selling guide will help engineers master virtually every essential VHDL technique. Coverage includes:
  • Behavioral, dataflow and structural modeling
  • Generics and configurations
  • Subprograms and overloading
  • Packages and libraries
  • Model simulation
  • Entity and generate statements
  • Aliases
  • Guarded signals
  • Attributes
  • Aggregate targets
  • Shared variables

Extensive hardware modeling coverage includes: entity interfaces, simple elements, regular structures, delays, conditional operations, state machines, Moore and Mealy FSMs and clock dividers. The book contains new coverage of text I/O and test benches, as well as complete listings of the IEEE Standard 1164-1993 package. For all electrical engineers, hardware and software designers who need to understand VHDL.

  • The #1 beginner's guide to VHDL.
  • The fastest way to start writing models with VHDL.
  • Updated to cover the popular new IEEE STD_LOGIC_1164 standard.

Caractéristiques techniques

Éditeur(s) Prentice Hall
Auteur(s) Jayaram Bhasker
Parution 30/09/1998
Nb. de pages 384
Format 235 x 178
EAN13 9780130965752

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