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Artificial intelligence and cognitive
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Librairie Eyrolles - Paris 5e

Artificial intelligence and cognitive

Artificial intelligence and cognitive

scienceVol 2. Cognitive architectures in artificial intelligence: the evolution of research programs

400 pages, parution le 31/10/1998


Volume 2: Cognitive Architectures in Artificial Intelligence: The Evolution of Research Programs

This volume outlines the three major research programs that have emerged over three decades in research in artificial intelligence and cognitive science. The first program was classical artificial intelligence under the rubric of the physical symbol system hypothesis. The articles explore the program in general with special reference to the flagship Soar architecture. Several critiques of the program are also presented from the perspectives of cognitive psychology and from biological neuroscience. The second major research program was that of connectionism, or artificial neural networks. This coverage opens with a general introduction and goes on to explore both the main conceptual and philosophical attractions of the approach, and some of its most prominent early shortfalls. The final program is even more recent, and is not yet fully defined. But the broad focus is on the notion of emergence and the complex interplay of brain, bodily structure, and action. This approach raises profound philosophical and conceptual issues, and requires a reexamination of the basic notions of cognition, internal representation, and computation.

Table of contents

Introduction ..... vii
Physical Symbol Systems
Physical Symbol Systems    Allen Newell ..... 1
A Preliminary Analysis of the Soar Architecture as a Basis for General Intelligence    Paul S. Rosenbloom, et al. ..... 51
Approaches to the Study of Intelligence    Donald A. Norman ..... 89
Review of Allen Newell's Unified Theories of Cognition    Daniel C. Dennett ..... 109
Review of Allen Newell's Unified Theories of Cognition    Michael A. Arbib ..... 119
Connectionist Architectures
On the Nature of Theories: A Neurocomputational Perspective    Paul M. Churchland ..... 139
Connectionism, Constituency, and the Language of Thought    Paul Smolensky ..... 183
Connectionism and the Problem of Systematicity: Why Smolensky's Solution Doesn't Work    Jerry Fodor and Brian R. McLaughlin ..... 211
Autonomous Agents, Artificial Life, and Dynamical Systems
Why Not the Whole Iguana?    Daniel C. Dennett ..... 233
Intelligence Without Representation    Rodney A. Brooks ..... 235
What Might Cognition Be, If Not Computation'    Tim van Gelder ..... 257
Radical Artificial Life: Some Trouble Spots    Andy Clark ..... 295
Autonomy and Artificiality    Margaret A. Boden ..... 300
Acknowledgments ..... 307

Caractéristiques techniques

Éditeur(s) Garland
Parution 31/10/1998
Nb. de pages 400
EAN13 9780815327691


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