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ASP.NET solutions - 23 case studies
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ASP.NET solutions - 23 case studies

ASP.NET solutions - 23 case studies

Best practices for developers

Richard C. Leinecker

908 pages, parution le 15/10/2003


Many developers are already familiar with the basics of ASP.NET and have been impressed with its potential to ease the creation of Web applications. However, few resources exist for those looking to translate their knowledge of ASP.NET into tailored solutions for actual challenges developers face on a daily basis.

Enter ASP.NET Solutions--23 Case Studies, the authoritative guide for real-world solutions, design patterns, and best practices using the .NET framework and C# and VB .NET languages. Honed through training programs for seasoned developers, the book's case studies demonstrate how to build more than twenty different applications using various aspects of ASP.NET. Each chapter builds on those that came before, allowing readers to advance their programming skills by applying the technology to increasingly complex projects.

The applications in this book can save developers time and money by providing the foundation for applications such as:

  • Use ADO.NET to create a technical support application--Chapter 4
  • Build an online store by creating custom server controls--Chapter 8
  • Use XML to create a guest book application--Chapter 9
  • Manage a dynamic ad banner using NT services--Chapter 12
  • Create a feedback tracking module using data mining--Chapter 15
  • Enable speech on the Web--Chapter 21

A companion Web site,, provides working source code that can easily be modified to meet your specific needs. The site also offers demos, additional solutions, and a forum where readers can pose questions and swap tips.

Developers are hungry to realize the full potential of the ASP.NET platform. ASP.NET Solutions--23 Case Studies moves beyond concepts to provide expertise gained in the trenches to help readers find effective solutions to common problems.


  • Getting Started with .NET
  • Effective Web Forms: Creating a Resumé Application
  • Effective Use of ADO.NET: Creating a Survey Application
  • Using ADO.NET: Creating a Technical Support Application
  • Databound Controls: Building a Scheduling Application
  • The Microsoft Forum Application
  • Using Session State: Building a Classifieds Application
  • Creating Custom Server Controls: Building an Online Store
  • Using XML: Creating a Guest Book Application
  • Dynamic Charts and Graphs
  • Animated Banners
  • Using NT Services: An Ad Banner Management
  • Effective Use of the .NET Networking Classes
  • Effective Use of Networking and Regular Expressions: Mining Data
  • Server Controls and HttpModules: Creating a Feedback Tracking Module
  • Converting Data to Charts: Displaying Data
  • Using Dynamic JavaScript: Creating a Personal Idea Organizer
  • The IBuySpy Portal Application
  • Editing HTML: Creating an HTML Editing Server Control
  • Creating an Online Training Application
  • Speech-Enabling Web Applications
  • Uploading Content: Building a File Repository Application
  • Effective Use of GDI+: Creating a Certificates Program
  • Monitoring Servers: Using WMI and Performance Monitor
  • Index

L'auteur - Richard C. Leinecker

Rick Leinecker is a veteran software developer who has written commercial software such as Perfect Checkmate and Bicycle Bridge. He has held a number of lead positions in major corporations, including senior software engineer in MCI's digital imaging division and senior software engineer at Landmark Communications. Rick has written numerous articles for magazines and Web sites such as and He is also the author of Special Edition Using ASP.NET (Que, 2002) and The Visual C++ Bible (Hungry Minds, 1998).

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Éditeur(s) Addison Wesley
Auteur(s) Richard C. Leinecker
Parution 15/10/2003
Nb. de pages 908
Format 17,5 x 23,5
Couverture Broché
Poids 1300g
Intérieur Noir et Blanc
EAN13 9780321159656
ISBN13 978-0-321-15965-6


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