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Configuring Exchange Server 2000
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Configuring Exchange Server 2000

Configuring Exchange Server 2000

Liz Mason, William Lefkovitz, William C. Wade III

627 pages, parution le 01/03/2001


Configuring Exchange Server 2000 is an intermediate to advanced book for both administrators and developers who are actively using Exchange 4.0/5.0/5.5/2000 products. The authors are IT professionals that are actively implementing Exchange and Windows 2000.

Each chapter communicates the essential theory and methodology required. First this book reviews the essentials of Active Directory and Security that you must understand to implement Exchange 2000. Basic methodology and the improvements in administering Exchange 2000 are covered. The Client chapter covers setting up VPNs, architecting physical local and remote access for these clients. Outlook, OWA, POP3, LDAP and LDAP clients are detailed on how you will implement them today. You'll find a great advanced section on how to create an Outlook install package and create a group policy to install it.

You can depend on the Deploying Exchange 2000 chapter to help you successfully move to Exchange 2000 - whether a new install or a migration. Step by step scenarios will assist you. Next, how to protect your Exchange server from hackers, attacks, and spamming contains insight into which components of Exchange are vulnerable.

Configuring Exchange Server 2000 is one of the first books to detail Conference Server, Instant Messaging and Chat. It will get you started on planning, installing, configuring, and even troubleshooting. What book would be complete with Backup/Restore, ASP, and Clustering? Well plenty of them, but not this book. The introduction of the multiple stores will require you to re-think your configuration and possibly backup strategy. Make sure you read this chapter to understand how to restore individual stores.

The chapter on designing, installing, and configuring Exchange Server 2000 for ASP's contains details and tips that are first in an Exchange 2000 book. Next, Clustering Exchange 2000 is a treat. Configuring Exchange Server 2000 details step by step how to install Windows 2000 clustering and then Exchange Server 2000 clustering.

Finally, the Troubleshooting chapter contains the basic steps to keep and get your Exchange Server up. Here architecture is explained in tandem with troubleshooting steps to make sure you are troubleshooting the correct components. Remember, it is just as important to know what is NOT causing the problem, as is what is.


Chapter 1

What's New in Exchange 2000

·     Introducing Microsoft Exchange 2000 Features

·     Exchange 2000 CD Components

·     Exchange 2000 Resource Requirements

·     Exchange 2000 Licensing


Chapter 2

Active Directory Integration with Exchange 2000

·     Why Use Exchange 2000 on Active Directory

·     Understanding Active Directory Architecture

·     Planning for Active Directory

·     Implementing Active Directory and Exchange 2000

·     Troubleshooting Exchange 2000 During Implementation


Chapter 3

Security Applications that Enhance Exchange 2000

·     Understanding Your Security Needs

·     Windows 2000/Exchange 2000 Security Architecture

·     Windows 2000/Exchange 2000 Internal Security

·     Firewall Strategies and Exchange 2000

·     Configuring Client Security

·     Implementing a Smart-Card Environment


Chapter 4

Basic Administration

·     Defining Tools Used to Administer Exchange 2000

·     Adding and Configuring Users, Contacts, and Groups

·     Maintaining Address Lists

·     Administering Exchange Server Global Settings

·     Managing Address Lists

·     Creating and Administering System and Recipient Policies

·     Managing Public Folders

·     Managing Connectors


Chapter 5

Client Access to Exchange 2000 for E-Mail

·     Physical access between a client and an Exchange Server

·     Exchange clients using MAPI

·     Exchange Internet clients: POP3 and Outlook Web Access

·     LDAP clients

·     Troubleshooting Exchange clients


Chapter 6

Deploying Exchange 2000

·     Green Field Deployment

·     Upgrading from Previous Versions of Exchange

·     Testing Your Scenario


Chapter 7

Defending Exchange 2000 from Attack

·     What Are the Potential Threats to Exchange 2000?

·     Considering Defense Strategies

·     Protecting Mailbox Stores and Clients

·     Firewall Strategies

·     Managing Exchange 2000 Security


Chapter 8

Real-Time Communication in Exchange 2000

·     The Value of Instant Messaging to Your Business

·     Implementing Chat Services

·     Can Conferencing Server Keep Your Travel Budget Down?


Chapter 9

Application Service Providers

·     Defining Application Service Providers

·     Hosting Services using Exchange 2000 and Active Directory

·     Architecture for Shared Hosting

·     Scaling Exchange 2000 and Active Directory

·     Planning and Configuring the Active Directory and Exchange 2000 Hosting Infrastructure


Chapter 10

Is Your Backup and Restore Really Working?

·     Understanding Backup and Restore

·     Tools and Products to Back Up Exchange 2000 Data

·     Types of Backup Procedures

·     Preventing Data Loss

·     Planning Data Loss Prevention

·     Implementing Backup and Restore Systems

·     Troubleshooting


Chapter 11

Clustering Your Exchange 2000 Server

·     How Cluster Service Works

·     How Network Load Balancing Works

·     How Exchange 2000 Can Utilize Cluster Service and Network Load Balancing

·     The Benefits of Clustering Your Exchange 2000 Server

·     How to Install Cluster Service and Network Load Balancing

·     How to Install Exchange 2000 on a Cluster


Chapter 12

Basic Monitoring and Troubleshooting Methodology

·     Basic Troubleshooting Methods

·     Problems with Storage Components

·     Problems with Message Flow and Routing


Appendix A


Appendix B

Caractéristiques techniques

Éditeur(s) Syngress
Auteur(s) Liz Mason, William Lefkovitz, William C. Wade III
Parution 01/03/2001
Nb. de pages 627
Format 18,8 x 23,5
Couverture Broché
Poids 1134g
Intérieur Noir et Blanc
EAN13 9781928994251


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