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Corporate information factory

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Corporate information factory

Corporate information factory

William H. Inmon, Claudia Imhoff, Ryan Sousa

382 pages, parution le 01/05/2001 (2eme édition)


Having invented the corporate information factory (CIF) to help IT and database managers cut through the jungle of information technologies out there, best selling author 6111 Ramon again teams up with experts Claudia Imhoff and Ryan Sousa te show you how te integrate ail key components of the modern information system architecture in a way that meets your evolving business needs.

You'll get clear explanations on how to integrate the enterprise data warehouse with a host of new technologies and solutions that have emerged since this grouadbreaking work was first publisbed in 1998. You'll also discover how to leverage these technologies to ensure broad access to information for end users, while reducing costs and Improving scalability across the enterprise. Ultimately, you'll learn to design, build, and implement a company-wide information ecosystem that:

Integrates with legacy systems and the Web

Leverages third-party ERP, CRM, and e-Business applications

Exploits the latest in data exploration and mining technologies

Takes advantage of low-cost alternative storage

Scales across the enterprise through the use of data marts and operational data stores

o Accommodates the use of multiple data warehouses

o Can start small and grow incrementally


  • Chapter 1 : Creating an Information Ecosystem
  • Chapter 2 : Introducing the Corporate Information Factory
  • Chapter 3 The External World Component
  • Chapter 4 The Applications Component
  • Chapter 5 The Integration and Transformation Layer Component
  • Chapter 6 The Operational
  • Chapter 7 The Data Warehouse Component
  • Chapter 8 The Data Mart Component
  • Chapter 9 The Exploration and Data Mining Data Warehouse Components
  • Chapter 10 The Alternative Storage Component
  • Chapter 11 The Internet/Intranet Components
  • Chapter 12 The Metadata Component
  • Chapter 13 The Decision Support Capabilities
  • Chapter 14 Variations to The Corporate Information Factory
  • Chapter 15 Building the Corporate Information Factory
  • Chapter 16 Managing the Corporate Information Factory
  • Chapter 17 Multiple Data Warehouses a large Enterprise
  • Appendix

L'auteur - William H. Inmon

Bill Inmon, the father of the data warehouse concept, has written 40 books on data management, data warehouse, design review, and management of data processing. Bill has had his books translated into Russian, German, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, and Dutch. Bill has published more than 250 articles in many trade journals. Bill founded and took public Prism Solutions. His latest company - Pine Cone Systems - builds software for the management of the data warehouse/data mart environment. Bill holds two software patents. Articles, white papers, presentations, and much more material can be found on his Web site.

L'auteur - Claudia Imhoff

is President and Founder of Intelligent Solutions, a leading consultancy on analytic CRM and BI technologies and strategies. She is a popular speaker, an internationally recognized expert, and coauthor of five books.

Caractéristiques techniques

Éditeur(s) Wiley
Auteur(s) William H. Inmon, Claudia Imhoff, Ryan Sousa
Parution 01/05/2001
Édition  2eme édition
Nb. de pages 382
Format 19,5 x 24
Couverture Relié
Poids 887g
Intérieur Noir et Blanc
EAN13 9780471399612


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