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Create Macromedia Flash Movies
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Create Macromedia Flash Movies

Create Macromedia Flash Movies

Julie C. Meloni, Dan Ransom, Mary Donahue

308 pages, parution le 01/05/2001


Bring Your Web Site to Life with FlashTM Movies

The Internet is no longer new technology. It's a standard resource for information, shopping, and entertainment. In today's Internet-saturated culture, it is critical to have an eye-catching Web site that effectively promotes your message, and Create Macromedia® FlashTM Movies In a Weekend® is your guide to doing just that! This book is a step-by-step learning tool that will have you doing everything from drawing and creating shapes to creating your own interactive movies in just one weekend!

Inside you'll find:

  • Detailed steps for creating animations and interactive movies with Flash
  • Instructions for using the Flash drawing tools to create lines and shapes
  • Tips on how and when to change font types, sizes, and colors
  • Information on importing graphics and sounds
  • Guidance in working with Flash layers and scenes

What's on the CD-ROM:

  • 30-Day trial of Macromedia® FlashTM 5 for Mac® and Windows®
  • 30-Day trial of Macromedia® FreeHand® 9 for Mac® and Windows®
  • Sample movies from the book sessions
  • Functioning movie templates to help jump-start your Flash movie development


Friday Evening: Getting Started with Flash 5
Getting Help with Flash 5

Using the Flash 5 Help System
Using the Macromedia Lesson Topics
Using the Macromedia Sample Files
Creating a New Movie
Modifying Basic Movie Elements
Open an Existing Movie
Take a Break
Introducing the Toolbox
Using the Arrow Tool
Select and Delete Objects
Select and Rotate Objects
Select and Scale Objects
Using the Text Tool
Using the Character Panel
Adding Text to Your Movie
Creating a Fixed-Width Text Box
Using the Paragraph Panel
What's Next

Saturday Morning: Drawing Simple Shapes
Introducing the Drawing Tools
Using the Pencil Tool

Creating Lines and Shapes
Using the Stroke Panel
Using the Ink Modifier
Using the Line Tool
Drawing Straight Lines
Drawing a Series of Lines
Using the Pen Tool
Drawing Straight Lines with the Pen Tool
Drawing Curvy Lines with the Pen Tool
Take a Break
Using the Oval and Rectangle Tools
Drawing Ovals
Drawing Circles
Drawing Rectangles
Drawing Squares
Rounded Rectangles
Using the Brush Tool
Using the Eraser Tool
What's Next

Saturday Afternoon: Manipulating Shapes, and Other Odds and Ends
Segmenting and Connecting

Moving the Object on the Stage
Tweaking Lines and Curves
Lengthening Lines
Curving Lines
Scaling Your Object
Connecting Shapes
More about Segmenting
Take a Break
Finishing Your Flower Movie
Adding More Flowers
Coloring the Sky
Publishing a Movie
Publishing in Stand-Alone Format
Publishing for the Web
What's Next

Saturday Evening: Color and Design
Defining and Using Colors

Color Appropriately!
About the Web-Safe Color Palette
How Colors Are Defined
RGB Values
HSB Values
Hexadecimal Values
Take a Break
Using the Color Mixer
The Parts of the Color Mixer
The Color Mixer and Existing Objects
Changing Alpha Values
Changing HSB Values
Adding Colors to the Color Mixer
Creating Fills with the Fill Panel
Creating a Solid Fill
Creating a Linear Gradient Fill
Creating a Custom Linear Gradient
Creating a Radial Gradient Fill
What's Next

Sunday Morning: Scenes, Layers, and Your Library
Working with Layers

Creating and Ordering Layers
Renaming a Layer
Creating a New Layer
Rearranging the Layer Order
Editing on a Layer
Deleting a Layer
Hiding and Locking Layers
Unhiding a Layer
Locking and Unlocking a Layer
Using Scenes
Creating Scenes
Changing Scenes
Deleting a Scene
Renaming and Reordering Scenes
Take a Break
Introducing the Library
Common Libraries
Creating and Organizing Your Own Libraries
Adding and Deleting Symbols
Renaming a Symbol
Creating a Folder and Moving Symbols
Sharing Libraries
Linking Symbols
Using Symbols
Placing Symbols in Your Movie
Editing Symbols
Editing a Symbol in the Library
Creating Symbols from Objects
What's Next

Sunday Afternoon: All About Animation
Creating Keyframes and Your Timeline

Using Keyframes
Changing the Stage at Keyframes
Clearing a Keyframe
Adjusting Frame Rates and Other Technicalities
Changing the Animation Speed
Creating Transitions and a Storyboard
Removing Frames
Changing the Frame View
Tweening Color, Size, and Rotation
Tweening Color
Tweening Size and Rotation
Position Motion Tweening
Creating a Guide Layer
Shape Tweening
Fluid Animation
Take a Break
Button, Button, Who's Got the Button?
Use the Button Library
Editing a Button
Build Your Own Button
Making Your Button Interactive
Adding the Button to Your Movie
Adding Simple Actions to Your Button
Adding the Play Action
Using the Go To Action
Testing Your Button
Linking to Web Pages
What's Next

Sunday Evening: Creating Your Final Project
Working with the Movie Clips

Creating Welcome Text Animation
Tweening Your Text
Adjusting Text and Adding Effects
Converting Text to a Movie Clip
Creating a Biplane Animation
Adding and Modifying the Biplane Clip
Making and Coloring the Chase Plane
Animating the Planes
Converting to a Movie
Creating Morph Animation
Adding a Sphere
Creating a Cube
Creating the Shape Tween
Slideshow Animation
Take a Break
The Control Panel
The Panel Background
The Basic Button
Adding Controls to the Buttons
Putting It All Together
Adding the Movie Clips
Creating the Rest of the Scenes
Finishing Touches
Publishing Your Final Project
What's Next

Appendix A
Bonus Session: Beyond the Basics

Adding Sound to Flash
Using Raster Images in Flash

Appendix B
Installing Flash 5

Installing Flash on your PC
Installing Flash on Your Mac

Appendix C
Keyboard Shortcuts

Appendix D
Additional Resources

Additional Reading
Flash 5 Web Sites
Online Tutorials
Flash Resources
Sound Files

Appendix E
Using the CD

Running the CD with Windows
Running the CD with MacOS


L'auteur - Julie C. Meloni

Julie Meloni is the technical director for i2i Interactive, a multimedia company located in Campbell, CA (that's just down the street from San Jose). She's been developing Web-based applications since the Web first saw the light of day and remembers the excitement surrounding the first GUI Web browser. She is the author of several books and articles on Web-based programming languages and database topics, and you can find translations of her work in several languages, including Chinese, Italian, Portuguese, and Polish.

L'auteur - Dan Ransom

As a developer and designer of Web pages, Dan Ransom currently helps maintains over a dozen Internet domains. When he is not creating Flash movies Dan specializes in cross-browser HTML, JavaScript, and DHTML. He lives in Sacramento and plays the harmonica, badly.

L'auteur - Mary Donahue

Mary Donahue is the creative director at i2i Interactive, focused on multimedia and web development projects. She brings the artistic aspect to this book as the creator of the clip art library.

Caractéristiques techniques

Éditeur(s) Prima Publishing
Auteur(s) Julie C. Meloni, Dan Ransom, Mary Donahue
Parution 01/05/2001
Nb. de pages 308
Format 18,6 x 23,3
Couverture Broché
Poids 588g
Intérieur Noir et Blanc
EAN13 9780761528661


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