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Create microsoft powerpoint 2002 presentations

Librairie Eyrolles - Paris 5e

Create microsoft powerpoint 2002 presentations

Create microsoft powerpoint 2002 presentations

In a week end

268 pages, parution le 01/08/2001


Whether you have a PowerPoint presentation that is due on Monday or you simply want to improve your knowledge and working skills of PowerPoint, Create Microsoft® PowerPoint® 2002 Presentations In a Weekend® is the resource you need! On Friday night, you'll begin by learning what elements make a good presentation, choosing a design, entering your information, and arranging your slide layout. By Sunday you will be adding charts and tables, enhancing your presentation with animations and sound, and learning how to navigate through everything to give the ultimate presentation!

Inside you'll find:

  • Guidelines for an effective presentation
  • Advice on using PowerPoint features and tools to organize your ideas
  • Lessons on adding multimedia effects to your presentations
  • "Great Presentations Idea Gallery"
  • "Ten Steps to an Effective Web Presentation"
  • An online resource directory

What's On the CD-ROM:

  • iplay studio
  • Power Movie
  • Cool Edit
  • WinZip
  • IE5
  • Macromedia® Fireworks®
  • Macromedia® FlashTM
  • Adobe® Acrobat Reader
  • Awesome PowerPoint Backgrounds
  • The GIMP
  • Direct FTP
  • HTML Editor
  • Image Mapper

Table of COntents


Friday Evening: Getting Started

What Makes a Cool Presentation? Our Topic Tonight Is
Knowing Your Audience
Getting Your Content Ducks in a Row
Organizing Your Information
Understanding PowerPoint's Output Options Taking a Break
A First Glimpse of PowerPoint 2002

Taking a Look at PowerPoint's Toolbars
What's on the Menu?
Getting Things Done with Task Panes
Creating a New Presentation
Using the New Presentation Task Pane
Exploring Your Options for Creating a Presentation
Selecting a Design Background
Entering Text on Your Title Slide
Saving the Presentation
Making Friends with the Office Assistant
Using Microsoft PowerPoint Help
Getting Help Online
Closing PowerPoint
What's Next?

Saturday Morning: Creating Your Content
Word Play

Opening Your Presentation
Exploring the Outline Feature of PowerPoint
Entering Text
Selecting Text and Slides
Promoting and Demoting Headings
Entering Text
Organizing Your Thoughts
Showing it all or Hiding Some Headings
Creating a Summary Slide
Rearranging Your Outline
Moving Slide Content to Different Levels
Adding to Your Outline
Sending a Slide Packing
Reorganizing Slide Order In Slide Sorter View
Duplicating Slides
Deleting Slides
Collaboration Tools
Email Collaboration
Setting Up Team Sites
How Does a Team Site Work?
Creating a Team Site
Establishing Roles
Posting Announcements and Events
Posting PowerPoint Presentations to the Team Web Site
Editing a Shared Document
What's Next?

Saturday Afternoon: Working with Design
Presentation Design Basics
Adding Pizzazz with Design Templates
Selecting Layouts

Applying a Layout to a Slide
Editing Objects on the Slide Layout
Mastering PowerPoint Masters
Using Masters
Working with Multiple Masters
Adding Graphics
Adding Global Text
Formatting Text
Understanding Fonts
Applying a Font
Changing Font Size
Working with Text Effects
Making Text Bold, Italic, or Underlined
Working with Text Color
Taking a Break
Adding Notes to Slides
Printing Your Presentation
Using Print Preview
Using the Print Dialog Box
Controlling Printer Properties
Print What?
What's Next?

Sunday Morning: Adding Visual Interest
Providing Support for Your Ideas with Charts and Tables
Adding a Content Element to Your Layout
Working with Tables

Creating a Table
Entering Table Contents
Formulating Tables
Modifying Borders
Working with Table Text
Adding Color to Tables
Working with Charts
Inserting a Bar Chart in Your Presentation
Formatting a chart
Taking a Break
Working with Graphic Elements
Adding Clip Art to Your Presentation
Finding the Right Clip Art
Inserting clip Art
Moving and Resizing Clip Art
Using PowerPoint's Drawing Tools
Creating Drawings
Using AutoShapes
Grouping Objects on a Slide
Applying Colors and Modifying Line Styles
Adding Text to a Drawing
Working with Multimedia
Adding Animation
Inserting a Media Clip on a Slide
Working with Custom Animations
Animating Text and Objects
Adding Sound Effects
What's Next

Sunday Afternoon: Preparing to Make Your Presentation
Giving Your Presentation a Final Check

Checking Your Presentation's Spelling Looking for Design Problems
Setting Up Your Slide Show
Making General Settings For Your Show
Applying Transitions
Using Animation Schemes
Recording a Narration
Running a Slide Show
Navigating a Show
Working with Presenter's Tools
Rehearsing Timing
Taking Your Show on the Road
Publishing Your Presentation to the Web
Saving Your Presentation as a Web Page
Publishing a Presentation to the Web
Broadcasting a Presentation
Setting Up a Broadcast
What's Next?

Appendix A: Great Presentations Idea Gallery
A Speaker-Driven Presentation
An Educational Presentation
A Photo Album
Web Graphics
Online Presentations
Movie Credits
Charts, Graphs, and Tables

Appendix B: Ten Steps to an Effective Web Presentation
Step 1: Learn About Cool Web Design
Step 2: Plan Your Web Presentation
Step 3: Create the Web Presentation File
Step 4: Know Your Audience
Step 5: Develop the Presentation
Step 6: Work with Multimedia Files
Step 7: Preview Before You Publish
Step 8: Save the Presentation as a Web Page
Step 9: Publish the Web Presentation
Step 10: Keep the Web Presentation Up-to-Date

Appendix C: Online Resource Directory
Microsoft PowerPoint Sites
Presentation-Oriented Web Sites
Presentation Equipment and Services
Free Templates, Media Clips, and Plug-ins
Clip Media for Sale
Design Resources Online
Resources for Writing and Research

Appendix D: Talk the Talk with Speech Recognition
What You Need to Speak to Your Computer

Installing Speech Recognition
Activating Speedh Recognition
Training Speech Recognition
Entering Text By Speech
Giving Hands Off Commands


L'auteur Nancy Stevenson

Nancy Stevenson is the author of more than a dozen books on topics ranging from the Internet to project management and reading comprehension. Prior to her writing career, Ms. Stevenson ran a division of a major software company, producing books, videos, and courseware, and learned first-hand how to motivate a staff.

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Éditeur(s) Prima Publishing
Auteur(s) Nancy Stevenson
Parution 01/08/2001
Nb. de pages 268
Format 18,8 x 23
Couverture Broché
Poids 605g
Intérieur Noir et Blanc
EAN13 9780761533979


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