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Digital SLR Cameras & Photography for Dummies

Librairie Eyrolles - Paris 5e

Digital SLR Cameras & Photography for Dummies

Digital SLR Cameras & Photography for Dummies

- Collection For Dummies

330 pages, parution le 29/11/2005


  • Walks readers through the hardware, software, and techniques needed to take top-quality digital photos with a digital SLR (single lens reflex) camera
  • Offering more coverage than any other book on the shelf, this full-color guide presents a fun and friendly approach to understanding how an SLR works and how to operate the various controls
  • Covers choosing the right equipment for specific needs, working with lenses, selecting the right format and composition for a shot, editing images using Photoshop, and maximizing print quality
  • More than 300 example photos taken by professional art photographers offer inspiration for first-time or inexperienced SLR users

L'auteur David D. Busch

David D. Busch is a former full-rime professional photographer whose articles have appeared in magazines such as Popular Photography and Imaging, The Professional Photographer, Macworld, and Computer Shopper, He has written more than 70 books, including Digital Photography Solutions, Mastering Digital Photography, Digital Retouching and Compositing: Photographers' Guide, and Mastering Digital Scanning witnh Slide, Film,and Transparencies.

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  • Digital SLRs and You
    • The Digital SLR Difference
    • Safari Inside a dSLR
    • Tracking the Ideal dSLR
    • Accessorizing Your dSLR
  • Oh, Shoot!
    • Taking Control of Your dSLR
    • Mastering the Multi-Lens Reflex
    • Special Features of dSLRs
  • Beyond the Basics
    • Working with RAW and Other Formats
    • Action, Flash, and Other Challenges
    • Composition and dSLRs
  • Fine-Tuning Your Output
    • Fixing Up Your Images
    • Combining and Reorganizing Your Images
    • Hard Copies Aren't Hard
  • The Part of Tens
    • Ten Ways to Improve Your dSLR Photography
    • Ten Things You Never Thought of Doing with Your Digital SLR
    • Ten Online Resources for Digital SLR Photography
    • Appendix: Glossary
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Caractéristiques techniques du livre "Digital SLR Cameras & Photography for Dummies"

Éditeur(s) Wiley
Auteur(s) David D. Busch
Collection For Dummies
Parution 29/11/2005
Nb. de pages 330
Format 19 x 23
Couverture Broché
Poids 810g
Intérieur Quadri
EAN13 9780764598036
ISBN13 978-0-7645-9803-6


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