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Distributed Java 2 Platform Database Development

Librairie Eyrolles - Paris 5e

Distributed Java 2 Platform Database Development

Distributed Java 2 Platform Database Development

276 pages, parution le 01/12/2000


  • Building, deploying, and managing robust Web database applications
  • Integrating J2EE, Oracle, Linux, and legacy databases
  • JDBC technology, RMI, Swing, Apache JServ, and much more

Need to build, enhance, integrate, or manage an enterprise-class Java technology-based distributed database system? Tired of toy examples? Want to see how everything fits together in a live, breathing system? Here's your chance! Stewart Birnam shows experienced professionals all they need to create and administer robust database applications leveraging Java technologies, and running on today's key platforms—Oracle 8.x and Linux!

Coverage Includes:

  • Scalable, efficient, multitier Java-based code: server configuration, brokers, client interaction, and price/performance issues
  • Database APIs: abstracting database nuts and bolts, encapsulating SQL, and more
  • Building and administering RMI servers
  • Client development: using Swing, RMI, and a database API
  • SQL database access, from queueing to complex joins, and Oracle-specific features
  • Simplifying deployment and distribution: shell scripting, makefiles, FTP, NFS, and Samba
  • Reading and writing BLOBs: delivering images and other multimedia content
  • Maximizing code reusability: command-line programs, servlets, and Apache JServ
  • Efficient day-to-day management: system calls, remote monitoring, and much more

You won't just learn a laundry list of APIs and technologies: you'll master real-world strategies for integrating them in reliable, deployable systems—and discover proven solutions for the problems that stand in your way!


1. Distributed Database Application Design.

Quick Start. Technology Overview. Database Application Models. Two-tier Model. N-tier Model (Three or More Tiers). Comparing Both Models. Migrating to a Multitier Architecture.

2. The Database API.
Quick Start. Technology Overview. An Inventory Database. API Design. Complete Code Listings.

3. The RMI Server.
Quick Start. Technology Overview. RMI Under 1.2 vs. 1.1. How Applications Find Remote Objects: The RMI Registry. The RMI Object Servers. Organizing Your System. Sharing Files.

4. The Swing Client.
Quick Start. Technology Overview. Programming Concepts. Putting It All Together--The Actual Client. Sorting Utility Functions for the GUI. Reusable GUI Components. JTable as a Dynamic Database DataWindow.

5. The Servlet as Client.
Quick Start. Technology Overview. Programming Concepts. The UnitDbServlet. Using RMI from a Servlet.

6. The Command-Line Client--Providing Simplified Access to Your Database API.
Quick Start. Technology Overview. Programming Techniques. Applications. Conclusion.

7. Distribution.
Quick Start. Technology Overview. Setting Up Your Server for Multiple Protocol Access. Conclusion.

8. Reading and Writing Multimedia Content, Database BLOBS, and Web-based Binary Content Delivery.
Quick Start. Technology Overview. Database Schema Design for BLOBS. Adding BLOB Support in the API and Implementation. Web-based Binary Content Delivery. Code Listings.

9. Monitoring Tools and System Calls.
Quick Start. Technology Overview.

Appendix A: Javadoc API Documentation for the Classes Used in This Book.
Database API. Swing RMI Client. Web Client. Command Line Client. Remote Monitoring. Utilities.

Appendix B: SQL for Creating the Schema Used in This Book.
Appendix C: Example Makefile.

L'auteur Stewart Birnam

STEWART BIRNAM is a Senior Database/Systems Developer at a leading visual effects and computer animation company in Northern California.

Caractéristiques techniques du livre "Distributed Java 2 Platform Database Development"

Éditeur(s) Prentice Hall
Auteur(s) Stewart Birnam
Parution 01/12/2000
Nb. de pages 276
Format 17,8 x 23,3
Couverture Broché
Poids 586g
Intérieur Noir et Blanc
EAN13 9780130268617


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