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Electronic commerce
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Electronic commerce

Electronic commerce

Technical, business and legal issues

Nabil R. Adam, Oktay Dogramaci, Aryya Gangopadhy, Yelena Yesha

209 pages, parution le 15/09/1998


Electronic commerce is increasingly central to business strategy, but planning and implementing E-commerce requires a broad, multidisciplinary understanding of technology, culture, law, and business processes. This book offers a concise overview of all the important issues surrounding E-commerce -- including its impact on society and culture. This book covers the core technologies surrounding E-commerce, including network protocols, security mechanisms, and electronic storage and retrieval of multimedia and text. It reviews E-commerce business issues such as advertising, marketing, procurement, purchasing, billing, payment, and supply chain management. It also covers core legal issues, including information privacy, access and control. It includes a comprehensive discussion of both current E-commerce research and future challenges, presenting E-commerce in the broadest socioeconomic and cultural contexts. All technical, business and legal professionals specializing in information technology and electronic commerce.
  • An up-to-date look at Internet security and privacy issues.
  • The impact of E-commerce systems in larger socio- economic and cultural contexts.
  • CD-ROM includes several working IBM e-commerce tools, including IBM's VisualAge for Java.

This is also the first retail title to feature Net.Commerce software.

Table of contents :
Preface ..... ix
Goals and Intended Audience ..... x
Chapter 1: Introduction ..... 1
Chapter 2: EC Components ..... 15
Chapter 3: EC in Business ..... 55
Chapter 4: Technical Issues for Electronic Commerce ..... 89
Chapter 5: Security for Electronic Commerce ..... 123
Chapter 6: Legal Frameworks: Policy & Regulatory Issues for Electronic Commerce ..... 145
Chapter 7: Conclusions and Future Directions ..... 165
References ..... 171
Index ..... 191

L'auteur - Yelena Yesha

Yelena Yesha is Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

Caractéristiques techniques

Éditeur(s) Prentice Hall
Auteur(s) Nabil R. Adam, Oktay Dogramaci, Aryya Gangopadhy, Yelena Yesha
Parution 15/09/1998
Nb. de pages 209
EAN13 9780139490828

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