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Essential Photoshop 5 for Web professionals
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Essential Photoshop 5 for Web professionals

Essential Photoshop 5 for Web professionals

Brad Eigen, Dan Livingston, Micah Brown

282 pages, parution le 10/07/1999


Photoshop 5 is today's number 1 Web graphics tool?and now you can learn the Web Photoshop 5 skills you need, right now, by example, from leading Fortune 500 Web developers! Master all you need to get results as you build real-world practice sites that sell products, educate visitors, offer subscriptions, and display ads. Best of all, the finished sites are on the Web?so you can see exactly how your images should look and work on any platform or browser!
Master all these Web Photoshop skills?and much more!
  • Web backgrounds, gradients, and tiling
  • Minimizing file sizes
  • Using Web-safe color palettes
  • Image retouching and editing
  • Layers, filters, and effects
  • Masking, scaling, filling, and drop shadows

Rely on Essential Guides for ALL the Web Skills You Need!
All these books share the same great format, and the same dynamic Web site. . .so once you've used one, they're all a piece of cake!
  • Essential CSS & DHTML for Web Professionals
  • Essential PERL 5 for Web Professionals
  • Essential Photoshop 5 for Web Professionals
  • Essential JavaScript for Web Professionals
  • With more to come!

Table of contents
1. Basic Doodling.

The Big Projects. Task: Create a Secondary Page Template for Shelley Biotechnologies. Creating a New Document. Dealing with Layers. Deconstructing the Layers Palette. Paint Bucket and Color. Placing and Editing Text. Rulers, Guides, Moving, and Linking. Drawing Lines.
2. Intermediate Doodling.

Correcting Mistakes with the History Palette. Getting the Size Right by Scaling. Selecting and Modifying Selections. Single Row and Single Column Marquees. Draw a Perfect Circle or Square. Start the Square or Circle from the Center. One More Modification. Lasso Tool. Polygonal Lasso Tool. Magnetic Polygonal Lasso Tool. The Magic Wand Tool. Removing a Background. Some Additional Tips on Making Selections. Fading Effects with Masking, Gradients, and Blur. Fuzzy Edges. Using the Gradient Tool to Fade. Changing Color by Filling. How to Make a Drop Shadow.

3. Making Images Web-Ready.

GIF versus JPEG File Formats. GIF. JPEG. Transparency. Interlacing. Saving as GIF or JPEG. Creating a GIF. Creating a JPEG. Web Safe Colors and Dithering. Animation.
4. Altering Photos.

Task: Cleaning Up the CEO's Picture. Livening Color with Brightness and Contrast. Getting Rid of Blemishes by Rubber Stamping. Fudging by Smudging. Lightening with the Dodge Tool. Altering Color with Variations and the Polygonal Lasso Tool. Selecting the Tie. Actually Changing the Color. Resizing for the Web. Unsharp Mask.

5. Filters and Effects.

Task: Create the Artsy Homepage for Stitch Magazine. Creating Smooth Backgrounds with the Gradient Editor. A Cool Effect with Plastic Wrap. Dynamic Effects with Motion Blur. Saving Time with Eliminate White. Useful Effects with Blur and Blending.

6. The Art of the Cut.

Why You Need to Cut Up Your Image. Preparing Your Image for the Cut. Where to Place the Guidelines. Making the Cut. Using Photoshop to Make the Cut. Other Methods of Cutting. GIF or JPEG Once Again. Compressing Your Files. GIF Compression. JPEG Compression. Putting It Together.

7. Advanced Photo Altering.

Advanced Rubber Stamp Tool. Scratched Negatives or Images. Removing Glare from Eyeglasses. Removing ?Red Eye?. Updating Old Photos. Creating Duotones: Adding Color to Black-and-White Images. Hue and Saturation. Changing Dress Colors. Changing Icon Button Colors. Getting the Red Eye Out?Part II. Color Balance. Changing Facial Tones. Changing Background Images. Using Levels. Cleaning Up Previously Printed Materials. Using Despeckle to Clean Up Images. Using Median to Clean Up Images. Using Blur/Sharpen to Clean Up Images.

8. Tips and Tricks.

Using Lower-Resolution Images. The Low Source Trick. The Low-Resolution Thumbnail Trick. Small Image Clicks to a Larger Image. Image Sizing in HTML. Defining Patterns. Creating Repeating Background Patterns. How to Test Your Background Image. Using Existing Patterns. Creating New Patterns. Checking Your Work. Platform. Color Calibration and Contrast. Type. Browsers. Browser Versions. Screen Size. Screen Resolution and Color Depth. Go Forth and Prosper.

Appendix A: Photoshop 5.0 Tools Reference.
Appendix B: Photoshop 5.0 Extras Reference.
Appendix C: Photoshop 5.0 Filters Reference.

L'auteur - Dan Livingston

DAN LIVINGSTON, founder of Wire Man Productions, has over six years' experience as a leading-edge Web developer, serving clients such as Apple, Charles Schwab, Pacific Bell, and Landor. His sites have garnered awards from Yahoo! and USA Today, been featured on CNN, and earned kudos from the Los Angeles Times and human interface guru Donald Norman. His many Prentice Hall PTR books include Advanced JavaScript: Insights and Innovative Techniques, Essential XML for Web Professionals, and Essential CSS & DHTML for Web Professionals, Second Edition.

L'auteur - Micah Brown

Micah Brown currently owns and operates located in the Los Angeles area where he develops web and wireless applications. Sites he has developed include Dr. Laura, Pacific Bell, and Ascend Communications.

Caractéristiques techniques

Éditeur(s) Prentice Hall
Auteur(s) Brad Eigen, Dan Livingston, Micah Brown
Parution 10/07/1999
Nb. de pages 282
Format 15,2 x 22,7
Poids 500g
EAN13 9780130128331


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