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FileMaker Pro 4: a developer's guide
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FileMaker Pro 4: a developer's guide

FileMaker Pro 4: a developer's guide

Alex Kennedy

496 pages, parution le 16/06/1999


This book is a detailed guide to the latest release of FileMaker Pro version 4.0 - a cross-platform relational database management system designed for use on PCs running Windows 95, 98 or NT. Version 4.0 represents a major step forward by allowing database developers to display and capture information on the world wide web and integrate it with their databases. Aimed at developers who need to master the power and functionality of a fully relational web database, this book will help create professional, networked business solutions. For those who are already familiar with previous versions of FileMaker Pro, it provides an in-depth tutorial on the key features of the new release.

This book will explain:

  • How to ensure you use the most appropriate database model for your requirements
  • How to publish your database on the web
  • How to use Claris HomePage 3.0 to tailor the appearance of your database on the web
  • How to make your web database secure and control access privileges
  • How to use the seven new web companion functions - plug-ins that add to the standard functions
  • How to make the most of ScriptMaker enhancements allowing URLs and Emails to be sent

Incorporating introductions to relational theory, HTML and CDML, this new edition of the popular Developer's Guide uses brand new, practical examples to illustrate the functions of FileMaker Pro4.0. The CD-ROM contains examples of features described in the text, demonstration applications from FMP4.0 developers and trial versions of FileMaker software including FileMaker Pro4.0, Claris HomePage 3.0 and XXX. FileMaker Pro offers end-users and developers alike a unique and friendly user interface with which to build sophisticated applications. FileMaker Pro4.0 enables them to take a further leap forward and connect their databases to the world via the Internet.

Table of contents :

Part 1: Database Systems: Design and Management
Chapter 1: Introduction to Database Management
Chapter 2: Parts and Functions of a Database Management System
Chapter 3: Successful Database Design
Chapter 4: An Example of an Employee and Projects Database Design and Analysis
Chapter 5: The Relational Model

Part 2: FileMaker Pro 4.1 Examined
Chapter 6: FileMaker Pro 4.1: A New Feature Overview
Chapter 7: Defining Fields
Chapter 8: Defining Calculations
Chapter 9: Relating Files
Chapter 10: Working with Layouts
Chapter 11: Navigating FileMaker Pro 4.1
Chapter 12: ScriptMaker
Chapter 13: Importing and Exporting Data
Chapter 14: Object Linking and Embedding
Chapter 15: FileMaker Pro and Networking
Chapter 16: FileMaker Pro and AppleScript
Chapter 17: FileMaker Pro and Windows 95/98
Chapter 18: FileMaker Pro and the World Wide Web
Chapter 19: FileMaker Pro and HyperText Markup Language (HTML)
Chapter 20: FileMaker Pro Forms and the Claris Dynamic Markup Language (CDML)
Chapter 21: Binding FileMaker Pro Files
Chapter 22: External Functions and APIs
Chapter 23: FileMaker Pro and Java

Function Appendix
Undocumented Features Appendix
CDML Tag Reference Appendix
FileMaker Pro and Year 2000 Compliance Appendix

Caractéristiques techniques

Éditeur(s) Addison Wesley
Auteur(s) Alex Kennedy
Parution 16/06/1999
Nb. de pages 496
EAN13 9780201360691


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