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The Ultimate Guide to E-Business on a Budget

Eileen Mullin, Jared T. Rubin

308 pages, parution le 01/05/2001


Launch your e-business on a shoestring-and start making money fast!
  • More than 150 free and inexpensive e-business solutions
  • Web-based help with every aspect of your e-business, from promotion to infrastructure
  • Free market research, professional advice, messaging services, sales force automation tools, and more
  • Cost-effective solutions for shipping and credit card processing

Foreword by Ross Scott Rubin, Vice President & Chief Research Fellow, Jupiter Research.

You can build a profitable e-business right now, with practically no out-of-pocket investment! Free-Commerce reveals more than 150 free and low-cost Web tools and resources for creating your e-business and running it with maximum productivity—so the profits stay in your pocket where they belong!

  • Free Web access, site hosting, and e-commerce site development tools
  • Free content for your e-commerce site
  • Free surveys, chat forums, and other tools for building an e-commerce community
  • Free personal productivity tools: scheduling, appointment tracking, collaboration, and more
  • Free unified messaging services that integrate email, fax, and voicemail
  • Low-cost escrow and credit card processing services
  • Free and low-cost market research
  • Cost-effective solutions for shipping, online banking, and professional services
  • Free accessories that make the Internet work faster

Whether you sell goods or services, whether you're already in business or are seeking additional income from a home-based business, you can achieve your e-commerce goals at virtually no cost—with Free-Commerce!


1. Getting Online.

Making a Success of Access. Hard Lessons in Hardware. Free PCs and More. Free ISPS. Going Soft. Free Browsers. Free Online Accelerators. Free Information Assistants. What's Ahead.

2. Managing Communications.
Free Redirection. Free E-Mail. Free Web-Based E-Mail. Free Contacts. Free Instant Messaging. Free Voice Mail. Free Faxing. Free Translation.

3. Managing Projects.
Free Scheduling. Free Mobile Services.

4. Build Your Site.
Free Site Hosting. Free HTML Templates. Free Graphics. Free Graphics Creations. Free Image Editing. Free Content. Free Media Players. Free Counters. Free Surveys and Polls. Free Chat, Guestbooks, and Message Boards. Free Search. Free Site Checking. Free Site Statistics. Free Summary.

5. Selling Online.
Affiliate Programs. Auctions. Escrow Services. Free Online Payments. Free Selling. Free Addresses and Redirection. Free Promotion. Free Mailing Lists. Selling Your Services. Summary.

6. Growing Your Business.
Small Business Portals. Fee Product Research. Free Products. Free Shopping Services. Free Learning. Free Research. Summary.

7. Other Business Resources.
Free Online Banking. Free Shipping Information. Legal. Taxes. Travel Services.

L'auteur - Eileen Mullin

EILEEN MULLIN is Vice President, Global HR Internet Strategy, at Merrill Lynch, overseeing its Web projects for Human Resources. As IBM's Program Director of Content Programming, she was responsible for planning and managing all interactive broadcasts and editorial features for IBM's corporate Web site.

L'auteur - Jared T. Rubin

JARED T. RUBIN is a copywriter for DraftWorldWide, where he develops advertising campaigns for leading financial and healthcare companies such as American Express, Hudson United Bank, and Merck-Medco Pharmaceuticals.

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Éditeur(s) Prentice Hall
Auteur(s) Eileen Mullin, Jared T. Rubin
Parution 01/05/2001
Nb. de pages 308
Format 17,8 x 23,5
Couverture Broché
Poids 653g
Intérieur Noir et Blanc
EAN13 9780130337672


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