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From Information to Knowledge
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From Information to Knowledge

From Information to Knowledge

Conceptual and Content Analysis by Computer

Ephraim Nissan, Klaus Schmidt

318 pages, parution le 10/07/1994


This book is the first in a series of volumes that deals with the application of conceptual structures to the analysis of large data banks as the first publication from the Society of Conceptual and Content Analysis by Computer (SCCAC). The papers in this volume explore the linguistic, philosophical and computational problems encountered when attempting to attribute meaning, whether to words or to electronic data.

From Information to Knowledge presents an insight into the individual struggles being worked on in this fascinating field and offers some general standard definitions of crucial terms, together with some indications of where crossroads and trouble spots may occur.


  • Introduction
    Part 1
  • The SACAO Project: Using Computation toward Textual Data Analysis in the Social Sciences - Jules Duchastel, Louis-Claude Paquin, Jacques Beauchemin & Francois Daoust
  • An Approach to Expertise Transfer: Computer-Assisted Text Analysis - Louis-Claude Paquin & Luc Dupuy
  • Computer Tools for Cognitive Stylistics - Ian Lancashire

    Part 2: Content Analysis

  • Terrorist Rhetoric: Texture and Architecture - Robert Hogenraad, Yves Bestgen & Jean-Louis Nysten
  • On the Interaction Between Reading and Computing: An Interpretative Approach to Content Analysis - Peter Ph. Mohler
  • An Outline of Knowledge Based Text Analysis - Erhard Mergenthaler
  • Ideography in Computer-Aided Content Analysis - J. Zvi Namenwirth
  • Content-Analytic Culture Indicators: A Self-Critique - Robert Ph. Weber & J. Zvi Namenwirth
  • Optimising Choices in a New Content Analysis Program - Alastair McKinnon

    Part 3: From Data to Meaning Archaeology

  • Factor Analysis in Classical Archaeology: Export Patterns of Attic Pottery Trade - Roberto Rosati
  • SAMOS: Automatic Classification of Ancient Greek Pottery According to the Shape - Cornelius Steckner
  • Ancient Coinage and Modern Technology - Patrizia Serafin Petrillo
  • Caryatids and the Measurement of Semiosis in Architecture - Sandor Daranyi, Sandor Marjai, Andor Abranyi & Peter Sutheo
  • Intelligent Information Retrieval: An Application in the Field of Historical Biographical Data - Gian Piero Zarri
  • Computers and Genealogy: From Family Reconstitution to Population Reconstruction - Gerard Bouchard, Raymond Roy, Bernard Casgrain and Michel Hubert
    Political History
  • Instability, Networks and Political Parties: a Political History Expert System Prototype - Marie-Danielle Demelas-Bohy & Monique Renaud
  • Knowledge Extrusion from Ethnopoetic Texts by Multivariate Statistical Methods - Sandor Daranyi, A. Abranyi & P. Sutheo
  • Measures of Narrative Voice in French Prose Fiction Applied to Textual Samples from the Enlightenment to the Twentieth Century - Richard L. Frautschi
  • A Project in Computer Music: The Musician's Workbench - Roger B. Dannenberg, Paul McAvinney, Marilyn Taft Thomas Joshua J. Bloch, Dean Rubine, Marie-Helene Serra

    Part 4: The Struggle for Acceptance

  • Kuhnian Discovery Versus Bean-Counting: Divergent Paths Toward Scientific Acceptance - Henry G. Burger

Caractéristiques techniques

Éditeur(s) Intellect Books
Auteur(s) Ephraim Nissan, Klaus Schmidt
Parution 10/07/1994
Nb. de pages 318
Format 17,5 x 23
Poids 550g
EAN13 9781871516500


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