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Fundamentals of Computer Science using Java

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Fundamentals of Computer Science using Java

Fundamentals of Computer Science using Java

542 pages, parution le 30/01/2003


Fundamentals of Computer Science using Java uses an object-based approach to the introduction of Computer Science using Java as the programming language. The book is example-based with approximately 50 completely worked examples. The use of a Turtle Graphics library allows early examples and exercises to be interesting while still simple. The use of a basic I/O library allows I/O without having to deal with exceptions and formatting, as would be the case in the standard library.

  • All topics are introduced using completely worked examples suitable as models for student programs.
  • Most chapters include a Case Study which does a sample problem in detail including analysis & design, coding, and testing.
  • Programming patterns are used to generalize common programming constructs, allowing students to see the principles behind the examples and to apply them in new problems.
  • Memory model diagrams are used to explain variables and assignments, parameter passing, scope, and value vs. reference semantics.
  • Style tips are provided throughout to aid students in writing readable programs.
  • Software engineering is introduced using CRC cards as a design methodology to start students thinking about design early in their education.
  • Complete coverage of basic programming constructs including classes, instance and local variables, constructors, methods and parameter passing, expressions, control structures, Strings, and arrays.


Chapter 1 Computing Fundamentals
  • A Brief History of Computing
  • Computer Systems
  • Data Representation
  • Computer Software
  • Software Development
  • Social Issues
Chapter 2 Java Programs
  • Java
  • Turtle Graphics
  • Classes
  • Looping-The Countable Repetition Pattern
  • Execution of Java Programs
Chapter 3 Computations
  • Numbers
  • Expressions
  • Variables
  • Assignment Statement
  • Modifying Earlier Examples
Chapter 4 Methods
  • Methods and Abstraction
  • Simple Methods
  • Methods with Parameters
  • Function Methods
  • Testing and Debugging with Methods
  • Methods, Scope, and Visibility
Chapter 5 Input and Output
  • Streams
  • Output
  • Input
Chapter 6 Control Structures
  • The while Statement
  • The Break Statement
  • The if Statement
  • The for Statement
  • Other Control Structures
  • Testing and Debugging with Control Structures
Chapter 7 Primitive Types
  • The boolean Type
  • The char Type
Chapter 8 Classes
  • Classes Revisited
  • Class Behavior
  • Data Abstraction
  • Information Hiding
  • Designing for Reuse
Chapter 9 Software Development
  • The Development Process
Chapter 10 Strings
  • String Objects
  • String I/O
  • The String Class
  • StringTokenizer Class
Chapter 11 Arrays
  • Creating Arrays
  • Array Processing
  • Arrays and Methods
  • Random Processing of Arrays
  • Processing String Data as Array of char
  • Multidimensional Arrays
Appendix A Instruction Processing
Appendix B Java Syntax
Appendix C Programming Patterns
Appendix D Glossary
Appendix E Custom Packages
Appendix F Answers to Review Questions
Appendix G Additional Reading

L'auteur David Hughes

Dr. Hughes received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Manitoba in 1979. He has been a member of the Department of Computer Science at Brock University since 1978, currently as Associate Professor and is a member of ACM and the Computer Society of IEEE. His research and teaching interests include Programming Languages, Object-orientation, and Compiler Construction. He has been teaching the Introduction to Computer Science course at Brock since 1978, Object-Orientation since 1989, and has used Java in the introductory course since 1996.

Caractéristiques techniques du livre "Fundamentals of Computer Science using Java"

Éditeur(s) Jones and Bartlett Computer Science
Auteur(s) David Hughes
Parution 30/01/2003
Nb. de pages 542
Format 18,5 x 23
Couverture Broché
Poids 902g
Intérieur 2 couleurs
EAN13 9780763717612

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