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GPU Pro 360 Guide to Mobile Devices
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GPU Pro 360 Guide to Mobile Devices

GPU Pro 360 Guide to Mobile Devices

Wolfgang Engel

292 pages, parution le 26/10/2018


This book gathers all the content from the GPU Pro series (Vols 1-7; 2010-2016) into a convenient single source anthology covering rendering techniques in computer graphics. It covers ready-to-use ideas and procedures that can help solve many computer graphics programming challenges. The articles by leading programmerscontained in this volume reflects the methods and techniques used to sample real-world phenomenon or to model special effects using these methods and techniques in their work.Ch 1 Quadtree Displacement Mapping with Height Bending; Ch 2 NPR Effects Using the Geometry Shadxder; Ch 3 Alpha Blending as a Post-Process; Ch 4 Virtual Texture Mapping 101; Ch 5 Pre-Integrated Skin Shading; Ch 6 Implementing Fur Using Deferred Shading; Ch 7 Large-Scale Terrain Rendering for Outdoor Games; Ch 8 Practical Morphological Antaliassing ; Ch 9 Volume Decals; Ch 10 PracticalElliptical Texture Filtering on the GPU; Ch 11An Approximation to the Chapman Grazing-Incidence Function for Atmospheric Scattering; Ch 12 Volumetric Real-Time Water and Foam Rendering; Ch 13 Inexpensive Antialiassing of Simple Objects:; Ch 14 Practical Planar Reflections Using Cubemaps and Image Proxies; Ch 15 Real-Time Ptex and Vector Displacement; Ch 16 Decoupled Deferred Shading on the GPU; Ch 17 Tiled Forward Shading; Ch18 Forward+: A Step Toward Film-Style Shading in Real-Time; Ch 19 Progressive Screen-Space Multichannel Voxelization; Ch 20 Rasterized Voxel-Based Dynamic Global Illumination; Ch 21 Per-Pixel Lists for Single Pass A-Buffer; Ch 22 Reducing Texture Memory Usage by 2-Channel Encoding; Ch 23 Particle-Based Simulation of Material Aging; Ch 24 Simple Rasterization-Based Liquids; Ch 25 Next Generation Rendering in Thief; Ch 26 Grass Rendering and Simulation with LOD; Ch 27 Hybrid Reconstruction Antialiassing; Ch 28 Real-Time Rendering of Physically-Based Clouds Using Precomputed Scattering; Ch 29 Sparse Procedural Volume Rendering; Ch 30 Adaptive Virtua l Textures; Ch 31 Deferred Coarse Pixel Shading; Ch 32 Progressive Rendering Using Multi-Frame SamplingWolfgang Engel is the CEO of Confetti, a think tank for advanced real-time graphics for the games and movie industries. Previously he worked in Rockstar's core technology group as the lead graphics programmer.

Caractéristiques techniques

Éditeur(s) Taylor&francis
Auteur(s) Wolfgang Engel
Parution 26/10/2018
Nb. de pages 292
EAN13 9780815352815


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