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Hewlett-Packard Official Scanner Handbook

Librairie Eyrolles - Paris 5e

Hewlett-Packard Official Scanner Handbook

Hewlett-Packard Official Scanner Handbook

449 pages, parution le 01/09/2000 (2eme édition)


With more than 40 step-by-step projects covering a wide range of activities for both home and business, this engaging guide will help you produce distinctive documents and designs, showing you throughout how to use your scanner more efficiently?-and always more creatively. While scanners are relatively easy to use, the more you know, the more you can do with them.

Although Hewlett-Packard products are used for examples throughout the book, The Hewlett-Packard Official Scanner Handbook covers scanning issues that are virtually the same no matter what scanner you own, such as installation, optimization, and resolution issues.



Part I: Using Scanners

Chapter 1: Scanner Basics
So What Can a Scanner Do?
Types of Scanners
Drum Scanners
Flatbed Scanners
Sheet-Fed Scanners
All-in-One Devices
Other Scanners
Key Scanner Characteristics
Scanner Type
Scanning Size
Scanner Resolution
Physical Size
Color Depth
Software Bundle
Hardware Requirements

Chapter 2: How Scanners Work
Evolution of Scanning
Early Desktop Scanners
The Latest Scanners
Digitizing Images
How Digitizing Works
How a Scanner Grabs Images
Capturing Color
Color Depth
A Warning About Bit-Depth Specs . . .
Scanners and Resolution
Interfacing with Your Computer
Serial Port Interface
SCSI Interface
Parallel Interface
Types of Artwork
Line Art
Color Drawing -- or Spot color
Previously Halftoned Art

Chapter 3: Installation Tips
Setting Up Your Scanner
Installation Step-by-Step
Software and Drivers
Scanner Interfaces Made Easy
USB 2.0
Serial Connection
Parallel Port Connection
SCSI Connection
Using SCSI
Connecting SCSI Devices
Setting Addresses
The Terminator

Chapter 4: Resolution, Interpolation, and Sharp Images
The Bottom Line
Line Art
Black-and-White or Color Photos
Optical Character Recognition
What Is Resolution?
What Is Interpolation?
What Is Sharpening?
Understanding Grayscales and Continuous Tone
Printing Grayscale and Color Images
Where Should Halftoning Be Done?
More on OCR
Intelligent Scanning Technology and OCR

Chapter 5: The Latest Generation of Scanners
ScanJet 3000 Series
ScanJet 4000 Series
ScanJet 5000 Series
ScanJet 6000 Series
Other HP ScanJets

Chapter 6: Using One-Button Features and Software
Why Buttons?
Pressing the Right Buttons
Scan Button
Copy Button
E-mail Button
Fax Button
Document Management Button
Customizing Buttons
Defining Buttons with the Control Panel
Defining Buttons with Button Settings
Your Scanner Software
PrecisionScan Pro
PrecisionScan LT
PrecisionScan LTX
More on Intelligent Scanning Technology

Chapter 7: Capturing Formatted Documents with Optical Character Recognition
Why OCR?
Requirements for OCR
How OCR Works
Text Recognition
Getting the Best Quality
Putting OCR to Work with Your HP Scanner
Simple Text Scanning
Scanning Complex Pages

Chapter 8: Scanning to a Destination
Scanning to a Destination
Scanning to ActiveShare
Scanning to the Web
Scanning to a Web Page Editor
Scanning to Fax
Scan to E-mail
Scan to Other Applications

Chapter 9: Getting Better Scans
Choosing the Best Original
Using Scanner Controls
Setting Preferences
Selection Area
Choosing an Image Type Manually
Choosing Resolution
Brightness and Contrast
Color Adjustment

Chapter 10: Optimizing Color
What's Optimization?
How Colors Are Produced
Additive Color
Subtractive Color
Additive Versus Subtractive Color
Other Color Models
Color Correction Basics
What Went Wrong?
Easy Color Correction with Image Editors
Image Editor Color Balance Controls
Optimizing Color for the Web
Web-Friendly File Formats
Converting to Browser-Friendly Palettes

Chapter 11: Image Editing Software
Selecting the Right Software
Selection Tools
Other Effects
Selecting an Image Editor
Full-Featured Image Editors
Other Tools

Part II: Scanner Projects

Chapter 12: Getting Started with Scanner Projects
Name and Picture ID Tags
Preparing the Photographic Images
Positioning Your Images
Adding the Text
Printing and Assembling Your Name Tags
Managing All Those Images
Decisions, Decisions
Version Madness
Size Matters
Scanner Resolution Sample Sheets
Now, Where Did I See That Great Picture of Paris?
Cataloguing Your Own Collection
Command Central
The Family Attic -- Keeping It Safe
What Is "Acid-Free"?

Chapter 13: Projects for the Office
Logos with the Personal Touch
Image Gathering
Testing Out Potential Layouts
And the Winner Is . . .
Notepads of Distinction
Creating Your Notepad Layout
Printing Your Notepad
Assembling and Gluing Your Notepad
Photo E-mails for a Meaningful Message
Scan Your Image
Cut and Paste an Image into a Message
Attaching a File to a Document
Creating E-mail Stationery
Setting an E-mail Banner in Lotus Notes
Turn Your Plain Binder into a Work of Art
Making the Images
Set Up a Layout
Repeat for the Back and the Spine
Finishing Up
Desktop Wallpaper That's Really Something
Such Simple Efforts, Such Great Results
Scan and Edit for Best Viewing
Macintosh Wallpaper
Fax Cover Sheet Dress-Ups
An Ounce of Planning . . .
Preparing the Page
How to Make an Image for Your Page
Adding Text
Window Decals for Fun and Profit
Think It Through Before You Start
Laying Out Your Page
Printing Your Decals
Making Your Mailer
Print and Assemble Your Mailer

Chapter 14: Advanced Projects for the Office
Personalizing the Icons on Your Desktop
Instructions for Windows Users
Instructions for Macintosh Users
Replacing One Icon with Another
The Employee Web Site
Creating Icons
Gathering Your Snapshots
Framing and Matting Photographs Like a Pro
Scanning Your Fabric or Paper
Adding a Text Message
Printing Time
Assembling the Frame
Finishing Touches
Making a Mat
Mat Cutting Time
Gluing the Paper
Bevel Edge Cutter
Personalizing Diplomas and Certificates
What's the Occasion?
Scanning Your Background
Creating a Decorative Name
Printing and Assembling Your Certificate
Low-Budget/High-Impact Self-Promotion Ideas
Project 1: Partnership Selling
Project 2: Teeny Calendar
Project 3: Wall Clock
A Five-Minute Magnet
What Works for You?
Creating Your Image
Laying Out the Page
Printing and Assembling

Chapter 15: Projects for the Home
Quick and Clever Greeting Cards
Preparing and Positioning the Image and Message
Printing Your Card
Making Envelopes
The Final Step
Greeting Card Poetry and Imagery
Creating Your Logo
Using Your Template
Family Genealogy with Scanned Materials
Creating a Custom Pillow
Scanning and Creating a New Image
Making Wallpaper Borders
Creating Art from Autumn Leaves
Scanning Mother Nature

Chapter 16: Projects for Kids
Doorknob Hanger
Measuring and Planning Your Layout
Scanning Your Image
Trimming and Laminating Your Image
Book Covers with a Panoramic Photo
Making a Panorama
Creating Your Photographic Layout
Repeating the Process
Laying Out Your Book Covers
Printing Your Book Covers
Assembling and Folding Your Covers
A Book with Personal Meaning
Planning Your Book
Setting Up Your Page Layout
Writing and Positioning Your Story
Printing and Folding
Assembling the Covers
Trading Cards for the Kids
Choosing and Scanning Good Images
Combining Images
Printing Your Trading Cards
Assembling the Card
The Electronic Collage Factory
Gathering Images
Combining Images
The Testing Process
What Will You Do with It?
Flip Books That Catch Your Eye
Preparing the Background
Adding the "Moving" Object
Printing and Binding Your Flip Book

Chapter 17: Seasonal Projects
Instructions for Making a Quick Banner
Pick a Theme
Creating the Characters
Print Your Banner Characters
String 'Em Up
A Festive Thanksgiving Table
Creating the Art
Making the Tablecloth and Napkins
Applying the Transfers
Turkey Place Cards
Creating a Customized Company Christmas Card
Smile Everyone
The Layout
The Message Inside
Making the Envelope with a Return Address
Return Address
Make Your Own Envelopes
And the Envelope Please . . .

Chapter 18: Projects for Web Sites
Web Site Dress-Ups
What Does Text Have to Do with Graphics?
One More Thing Before We Get Started . . .
Preparing the Photographic Images
Making Text Out of Images
Fun Backgrounds and Textures
Using Fabric for Backgrounds
Designing New Patterns
A Pen, a Scanner, and an Idea . . .
Plain Old Downsampling
Make Your Images into Banners, Image Maps, and Buttons
Making a Banner
Dimensions Are Everything
Image Maps and Hot Buttons
Button, Button . . .
Making Your Home Page Stand Out
Gathering and Scanning Your Materials
Combining Electronic Images
Laying Out Your Site
Creating Your HTML
Printing Everything
Assembling Your Production

Appendix: Resource Kit
Art and Craft Supplies
Hardware and Software Sources
Resources for Learning



L'auteur David D. Busch

David D. Busch is a former full-rime professional photographer whose articles have appeared in magazines such as Popular Photography and Imaging, The Professional Photographer, Macworld, and Computer Shopper, He has written more than 70 books, including Digital Photography Solutions, Mastering Digital Photography, Digital Retouching and Compositing: Photographers' Guide, and Mastering Digital Scanning witnh Slide, Film,and Transparencies.

Autres livres de David D. Busch

Caractéristiques techniques du livre "Hewlett-Packard Official Scanner Handbook"

Éditeur(s) IDG
Auteur(s) David D. Busch, Laurel Burden, Susan Krzywicki
Parution 01/09/2000
Édition  2eme édition
Nb. de pages 449
Format 18,8 x 23,3
Couverture Broché
Poids 844g
Intérieur Noir et Blanc
EAN13 9780764535239


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