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Internetworking with TCP/IP: Vol II. ANSI C version - design, implementation and intervals

Librairie Eyrolles - Paris 5e

Internetworking with TCP/IP: Vol II. ANSI C version - design, implementation and intervals

Internetworking with TCP/IP: Vol II. ANSI C version - design, implementation and intervals

671 pages, parution le 01/07/1998


The Third Edition of this best-seller is a must for anyone working the TCP/IP suite of protocols.

The authors provide an in-depth look at individual TCP/IP protocols in light of design alternatives, implementation techniques with actual ANSI C code, and the internals of protocol software.

This book uses the widely accepted data-mark interpretation of TCP urgent data, a discussion of the consequences is included. Throughout the book the authors use a working system, which they designed and built using ANSI C, to explain the interaction among protocols, the complete implementation process, and the internal structure.

  • Reflects changes in the protocol standards and updates
    the example code to ANSI standard C.
  • Contains working source code in ANSI C for most protocols
    including TCP, IP, ICMP, IGMP, UDP, ARP, RIP, SNMP, and a significant part of OSPF.
  • Defines data structures, constants, and code for
    procedures and processes in ANSI standard C.
  • Provides active experimentation with a working TCP/IP
  • Implementation support for the IGMP protocol used for IP
    multicasting and multicast OSPF routing protocol used in applications such as audio and video multicast.
  • Unique coverage of the Open Shortest path First link-state routing protocol designed by the IETF.
    Shows the latest interpretation of the urgent data processing.

Table of contents :

1. Introduction and Overview.
2. The Structure of TCP/IP Software in an Operating System.
3. Network Interface Layer.
4. Address Discovery and Binding (ARP).
5. IP: Global Software Organization.
6. IP: Routing Table and Routing Algorithm.
7. IP: Fragmentation and Reassembly.
8. IP: Error Processing (ICMP).
9. IP: Multicast Processing (IGMP).
10. UDP: User Datagrams.
11. TCP: Data Structures and Input Processing.
12. TCP: Finite State Machine Implementation.
13. TCP: Outut Processing.
14. TCP: Timer Management.
15. TCP: Flow Control and Adaptive Retransmission.
16. TCP: Urgent Data Processing and the Push Function.
17. Socket-Level Interface.
18. RIP: Active Route Propagation and Passive Acquisition.
19. OSPF: Route Propagation with an SPF Algorithm.
20. SNMP: MIB Variables, Representations, and Bindings.
21. SNMP: Client and Server.
22. SNMP: Table Access Functions.
23. Implementation In Retrospect.
Appendix 1: Cross Reference of Procedure Calls.
Appendix 2: Cross Reference of C Structures Used in the Code.
Appendix 3: Xinu Functions and Constants Used in the Code.

L'auteur Douglas E. Comer

Douglas E. Comer

is a Professor of Computer Science at Purdue University and a Fellow of the ACM. He is the author of many best-selling books: the three-volume series, Internetworking with TCP/IP Computer Networks and Internets, Second Edition, and The Internet Book. Comer served as chairman of the DARPA Distributed Systems Architecture Board and the CSNET Technical Committees, and is a former member of the Internet Architecture Board (IAB).

Caractéristiques techniques du livre "Internetworking with TCP/IP: Vol II. ANSI C version - design, implementation and intervals"

Éditeur(s) Prentice Hall
Auteur(s) Douglas E. Comer, David L. Stevens
Parution 01/07/1998
Nb. de pages 671
Format 236 x 156
EAN13 9780139738432


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