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Java 2 from Scratch
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Java 2 from Scratch

Java 2 from Scratch

Steven Haines

680 pages, parution le 15/10/1999


Java 2 From Scratch walks you through the analysis, design and implementation of a functioning application using Java 2. Learn all the critical programming concepts and techniques associated with the language in the context of creating a functioning Stock Market Tracker/Analyzer. Each chapter builds on the previous with a casual tone, in-depth examples, and detailed steps to ultimately create a working stock market tracker. Key areas addressed are user interface design, SWING user interface, Internet communication, file I/O, painting/drawing, and brief introductions to JDBC and RMI.
  • Learn Java 2 concepts, techniques, and syntax in the context of creating a functioning application
  • Start programming right away, creating a Stock Market Tracker/Analyzer
  • Includes a Concept Web to graphically illustrate the architecture of and interrelationship between the concepts and techniques associated with creation of a stock market tracker/analyzer
  • CD-ROM contains all code to create the application

Table of contents

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Java Development Overview
Chapter 3: Design Fundamentals
Chapter 4: Designing the Stock Tracker Application
Chapter 5: User Interface Design with AWT
Chapter 6: User Interface Design with Swing
Chapter 7: Handling Events in Your User Interface
Chapter 8: Building the Stock Tracker User Interface
Chapter 9: Implementing Portfolios
Chapter 10: Implementing the Stock Quote Retriever
Chapter 12: Retrieving Stock Quotes on a Fixed Time Interval
Chapter 13: Implementing the Historical Data Manager
Chapter 14: Graphing Historical Data
Chapter 15: Implementing the CSV Manager
Chapter 16: Enhancing the Stock Tracker User Interface
Chapter 17: JavaBeans and JDBC
A Setting Up the Java 2 SDK
B Third-Party Development Environments
C Java Resources

L'auteur - Steven Haines

Steven Haines

is a software engineer at Wonderware Corporation. He champions the Integrated Development Environment and internationalization efforts for a fully distributed COM-based architecture designed to be used by countless companies in the factory automation industry to provide complete factory solutions. Prior to that, he contributed his design skills and development knowledge to Engage Games Online, an Internet video game company, where among other things he developed their first full Java-based multiplayer game.

His current explorations into Java technologies are into enterprisewide distributed architecture and design through the forthcoming release of the Java 2 SDK, Enterprise Edition and its corresponding components.

Caractéristiques techniques

Éditeur(s) Que
Auteur(s) Steven Haines
Parution 15/10/1999
Nb. de pages 680
Format 18,7 x 23
Poids 1200g
EAN13 9780789721730


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