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Java for COBOL programmers

Librairie Eyrolles - Paris 5e

Java for COBOL programmers

Java for COBOL programmers

432 pages, parution le 15/09/1999


COBOL programmers will need to transfer their skills to new assignments and languages. JAVA is the newest language and is currently a
"must-have" skill. Unfortunately, most JAVA books are coming from a C or C++ perspective – which
doesn't work for COBOL programmers. COBOL examples are used throughout to explain object-oriented
concepts(the foundation of JAVA & C++), and JAVA's syntax. Step-by step procedures are used to walk
the user through the process of converting COBOL's procedural and structured programming concepts
into object-oriented ones.


  • Examples are geared to the business and high-tech experience of COBOL programmers
  • Uses coding techniques familiar to COBOL programmers when presenting Java concepts
  • Takes the COBOL Viewpoint throughout (e.g. defines a Class and how it is similar to a COBOL subroutine, etc.)
  • Covers new features in the Java 2 SDK that are important to business solution programmers
  • Introductory chapter to XML
  • CD includes JDK 2.0 and "COBOL to JAVA" conversion tools

Table of contents

Part 1: Introducing Java.
Chapter 1: Objects and Classes
Chapter 2: Introducing the Java Development Environment
Chapter 3: Messages and Methods
Chapter 4: Class Members
Chapter 5: Inheritance, Interfaces, and Polymorphism
Part 2: Java's Syntax
Chapter 6: Java Syntax
Chapter 7: Flow Control
Chapter 8: Strings, StringBuffers, Numbers, and BigNumbers
Chapter 9: Arrays, Vectors, and Other Collections
Chapter 10: Exceptions, Threads, and Garbage Collectors
Part 3: More Java
Chapter 11: Managing your Java Software
Chapter 12: Industry Initiatives
Chapter 13: Introduction to XML
Appendix A: About the CD
Appendix B: Java Information Available Elsewhere
Appendix C: Buzzwords

L'auteur John Byrne

John C Byrne

is the V.P. of Technology and primary system architect for Computron Software Inc., a high-end enterprise software vendor in New Jersey. He has over 20 years experience in the software industry and his expertise embraces both legacy technology and client/server environments. He has published previously in Unix Review.

Caractéristiques techniques du livre "Java for COBOL programmers"

Éditeur(s) Charles River Media
Auteur(s) John Byrne
Parution 15/09/1999
Nb. de pages 432
Format 18,7 x 23,4
Poids 948g
EAN13 9781886801844


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